Car crashed into the wall, Truck in the opposite direction, Drunk Russian, Aggressive Dashcam Stáhnout

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  • Sep 13, 2020

  • Today you will see: Pushing car into the wall, Truck in the opposite direction, Drunk Russian, Roundabout in Roudnice nad Labem, Dangerous driver, Pushing off the road on the highway, Safe side distance when overtaking a cyclist, Lighting, Brake check on the highway, Overtaking over the continuous line, Aggressive drivers, Overtaking cyclists, Overtaking in corners, Women behind the wheel, Almost crash, Unreasonable driving in left lane, Overtaking from the right on the highway, Skoda Rapid to the limit, Arrogant driver, Overtaking over the double solid line, Safe distance, Overtaking on district roads, Dangerous overtaking, Driving priority, Traffic signs, Pirate of the roads, Drunk Russian ✦ Merch: ✦ Instagram: ✦ Facebook: ✦ Car: Skoda Rapid ✦ Dashcam camera: GoPro ✦ Want stickers? Donate at least $10 at and get 3 pieces. Do not forget to type the name and address in the "Tip message" ✦ If you have interesting footage, send them or share them with ✦ Video editing: Sony Vegas ✦ Music: Dr. Dre - Medicine Man (Feat. Eminem) Instrumental #agresivniridic #crash #drunkrussian All records are digitally modified. They cannot be used in administrative proceedings. This video is for YouTube only.