Sound Rain Noise to Sleep Tranquilly with Light Thunders, ASMR! 10 HOURS!! Stáhnout

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  • Apr 1, 2019

  • Let's Sleep Today with a Light Rain with Thunders Treble and Less Heavy, Frequency of the same super lighter and more constant, no thunders lost that make us wake up at night ans White Noise! #asmr #rain # Thunder 1º After watching the video, do not forget to Like and Activate the Tinsel / register 2º This helps us grow and bring more different videos to you every day! 3º Share with Friends! 4º Help the ASMR Community to win its Space 5º Leave your comment below and interact with many other people! Thank you very much! Sounds to Relax Video and Audio Recorded by Sons para Relaxar, the use of the same or copy without prior authorization is prohibited!


  • Mônica Mcbride
    Mônica Mcbride 7 months ago

    Pare de ler os comentários e vá dormir kk Boa noite! 🌨🌧🌬

  • Dudinha Avk:3
    Dudinha Avk:3 1 week ago


  • Bruna Ferreira
    Bruna Ferreira 9 months ago

    cadê os brasileiros pra curtirem aqui? 😴😴

  • Relaxing Sound [ASMR]
    Relaxing Sound [ASMR] 1 month ago

    Senhor Jesus ajudainos para acabar com a pandemia da covid-19 e ajudai as pessoas que estão infectadas.amen🙏

  • Rafaela Nascimento
    Rafaela Nascimento 8 months ago

    Alguém em 2020 ?

  • Henrique Lima
    Henrique Lima 2 months ago

    Certa vez numa tarde coloquei esse som nas alturas minha mãe estava dormindo do meu lado e acordou "eita as roupas no varal" quando ela viu q não estava chovendo eu falei que era no meu celular , rimos bastante juntos e depois eu levei uma surra.

  • Daxxer C
    Daxxer C 1 year ago

    Goodnight from Canada 🇨🇦 have a great sleep everyone!

  • why not
    why not 1 year ago

    Stop going through the comments and go to sleep they will be here when you wake up good night sleep tite and DON'T let the bed bugs bite

  • dejah Samsung
    dejah Samsung 8 months ago

    Kkkk aqui no Brasil som dA chuva é enchente kkkkk puts me desculpem kkkkasssisto muito Datena kk

  • lovelybones120
    lovelybones120 9 months ago

    My Dad loved rain with thunder and lightening. He loved to stand in The doorway and watch it. One night he called me and said,” you know how I love to stand there and watch the rain? Well, I got up to go to the door and something told me not to so I sat back down. When I did a big bolt of lightening struck the tree in front of the door! Blew the bark off the tree and flattened a tire on my car. “My Dads life was spared!

  • Marcelo Leme D3
    Marcelo Leme D3 1 year ago

    Good night from Brazil 🇧🇷 my friends;)

  • Thiago Ataides
    Thiago Ataides 4 weeks ago

    Bora acordar tres horas da tarde porcausa dessa por causa quel não dormi com isso ne cara kkkkkk

    ISHEANESU HEAD 11 months ago

    Good night everyone from Zimbabwe...this is the best way to take a nap you will fall asleep right away...😵

  • Josue Filipe
    Josue Filipe 4 months ago

    Gostei muito esse som eeh muito relaxante... bom pra dormi e descansa como se estivesse chovendo msm todo dia coloco eeh ótimo 😍😍❤❤

  • Fernando Carcamo
    Fernando Carcamo 6 months ago

    Excelente relajación me encanta estos sonidos de la naturaleza saludos.

  • Mimi Cobb
    Mimi Cobb 4 months ago

    Buenas noches desde albuguergue New Mexico

  • Carmen Cortez
    Carmen Cortez 1 year ago

    We like the sound of the rain and thunder ,I born in Nicaragua ,we have tropical storms when it rains you feel like is the end of the world the thunder lightning is loud and the rain is like none stop, I hear the mangos falling from the trees and always rain at night, now I live in California, good night to all of you.

  • Sophie Hart
    Sophie Hart 7 months ago

    Came here for rest and the thunder reminded me of travelling round Orally with my little girl. Looking out the window of a tiny apartment while she napped on the sofa. I just sat there listening at one with the moment.

  • casandra gamer
    casandra gamer 3 months ago

    Vou dizer duas palavras a-mei ksksks só tem uma palavra mais esse som e maravilhoso mesmo eu só turno com esse barulho

  • Julie Lane
    Julie Lane 1 year ago (edited)

    Good night from Indiana Evansville lov u.