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  • 4. 10. 2018

  • 7 Things You NEVER Noticed In Fortnite Season 6! Twitter: http://twitter.com/TrendSpotTM Subscribe for Best Funny Fortnite Battle Royale Moments! inspired by Ninja, Ali-A, Nick Eh 30, LazarBeam, Lachlan, Muselk, Best Trends & BCC Trolling Hope you enjoyed this new#fortnite #season6 video.


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  • xXjetpackmakXx
    xXjetpackmakXx před 1 rokem

    I got an interesting idea! What if the added in playground mode,an option to pick season 1,2,3,4,5 maps

  • DJPhantom
    DJPhantom před 1 rokem

    Looks like Tony Stark finally ran out of money...

  • Controlled Substance
    Controlled Substance před 1 rokem


  • Brandon Knott
    Brandon Knott před 1 rokem

    7 things I have already noticed in season 6.

  • H4CK3R G4M3R
    H4CK3R G4M3R před 1 rokem

    My friend has a wierd theory that the cube is taking up the marks in the ground and covering dusty divots hole

  • Hawksie
    Hawksie před 1 rokem

    I noticed all of them

  • MB 157
    MB 157 před 1 rokem

    oh hey thanks for the luck

  • Kalazeth
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  • Aloma Cutkelvin
    Aloma Cutkelvin před 1 rokem

    Ive been through every square INCH in the map and never see these and yes i was doing this in s6

  • Philly x JayDot
    Philly x JayDot před 1 rokem

    The Loot At Dusty Is Far From Trash. You Just Don’t Know Where To Check. It’s About 13 Chests There

  • ChopSticks IQ
    ChopSticks IQ před 1 rokem

    Do you remeber in season 4 when the visitor came, The visitor destroyed the mansion

  • Repyxl RBLX
    Repyxl RBLX před 1 rokem

    I go to all the houses in #1

  • Casualty
    Casualty před 1 rokem

    Hope this brings my friend back, he betrayed fortnite with sea of thieves

  • Haru the Mage
    Haru the Mage před 1 rokem

    You said i'd have good luck but my parents got divorced right after i liked

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  • Inderveer Gill
    Inderveer Gill před 1 rokem

    i know every thing of it

  • Wenagade waider
    Wenagade waider před 1 rokem

    You shouldn’t have uploaded this because they know my spot on number 1!