Act 5 - Nell 넬 [English subbed] Stáhnout

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  • 14 janv. 2011

  • A very haunting, beautiful song. Act 5 performed by Nell 넬 from their EP The Trace. English subbed with karaoke. The pictures are from outside sources, mainly of Siberia (which has a very haunting, beautiful landscape).


  • Apfel Sina
    Apfel Sina il y a 6 ans

    Okay, here's what I think: I actually also think that he killed her..I think the words in the beginning ("still, bloodless lips and a frail body") make it pretty obvious that she's dead..also, I think the motive would be jealousy ("Beautiful eyes that rested elsewhere")..he loves her so much that he can't take the fact that she doesn't seem to feel the same about him...also, I've been wondering why the song is called "Act 5" and discovered something interesting but this is also where my interpretation might go a bit too far ^^ so, all this "killing her out of love and jealousy" actually got me thinking about Shakespeare's Othello, who also murdered his wife out of jealousy and because he loved her too much..and he actually murders her in the fifth act of the play...this might just be a coincidence and I'm just seeing too much into things that are not there but I found that interesting nontheless ^^ anyway, thanks a lot for subbing this! :D

  • exiong25
    exiong25 il y a 8 ans

    He killed her so that he could keep her by his side for his "eternity"