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  • 29 janv. 2019

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  • Ronaldo Ramirez
    Ronaldo Ramirez il y a 10 mois

    Adele the type of singer that makes u miss the relationship u never had

  • JustEm
    JustEm il y a 6 mois


  • Emma Telpis
    Emma Telpis il y a 8 mois (modifié)

    Adele: Hello

  • gachalover willows
    gachalover willows il y a 8 mois (modifié)

    Who is hearing this in 2020??

  • Prawin Kumar
    Prawin Kumar il y a 2 mois (modifié)

    99% won't see but

  • Live and Learn
    Live and Learn il y a 3 mois

    Things quarantine made everyone do:

  • Anime.Cosplayer.33
    Anime.Cosplayer.33 il y a 2 mois (modifié)

    This song hits differently during quarantine...

  • jenny davis79
    jenny davis79 il y a 1 mois

    Adele is the only singer that makes me cry about relationships that i don't even have

  • gracy tu
    gracy tu il y a 1 an (modifié)

    When adele said, "Hello, can you hear me?" I almost went, "Yes, thank god it's not another cover".

  • Anthony Sand
    Anthony Sand il y a 5 mois (modifié)

    Oh my holy crap.... Anyone else heard those creepy whispers on the song's background

  • min shookie
    min shookie il y a 2 mois

    I miss him... Wait I never had a boyfriend

  • 5555 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

    Who is scared of death but tired of living...

  • Master Gibbs
    Master Gibbs il y a 6 mois (modifié)

    She called me, I didn’t answer. Then she left me.

  • Linda Sovey
    Linda Sovey il y a 2 mois


  • Marnie Beers
    Marnie Beers il y a 3 mois

    My daughter had her heart broken she gave me Adele's album on CD I listened and cried all the way through it I actually felt her pain and knew her heart was broken in a million pieces and it would take a life time to fix I Prayed for her and prayed so 6 yrs later she is ok and I again thanked God

  • Princesse-emilia x
    Princesse-emilia x il y a 5 mois


  • Preslee Taylor
    Preslee Taylor il y a 4 mois

    am I the only one that thinks this song is actually good and not just a meme?

  • ben johnson
    ben johnson il y a 1 an

    I'm I the only one hearing the background chatter?

  • Axel ⴰⴽⵙⴻⵍ
    Axel ⴰⴽⵙⴻⵍ il y a 5 mois

    This makes me miss someone who's never exist at all.

  • Mrs kay
    Mrs kay il y a 5 jours

    My eyes are opened