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  • 16 sept. 2013

  • Amazing Motorcycle Hill Climbing at the Big Nasty Hill Climb - Prepper123Coach A friend treated me to an amazing day of motorcycle hill climbing in Southwest Idaho! I had never been to a motorcycle hill climbing event before and it was an amazing experience! I saw some of the best names in the business going up against the hill. The day capped off with the King of the Hill contest. Thank you for watching! Please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more! If you want me to do a video about a particular subject, please let me know! Prepper123Coach Find me at: Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Blog


  • march11stoneytony
    march11stoneytony il y a 6 ans

    I swear that first hill looked tougher with that momentum robbing step in the middle

  • Amélie Renoncule
    Amélie Renoncule il y a 5 ans

    S-o-o, mon amis, THIS is what that dude meant when he asked if I had interest in 'doing the Big Nasty'. But...we were in No. Africa!

  • Nick Talbot
    Nick Talbot il y a 6 ans

    Great stuff. I think you got the wrong time for the second Whitlock brother. You wrote 11.197 or something.

  • chimeranzl
    chimeranzl il y a 6 ans

    strap a go-pro to that mo-fo

  • Sergio Jose Da Silva
    Sergio Jose Da Silva il y a 6 ans

    Muito doido. Really nice way to have fun !!

  • Beltfedshooters
    Beltfedshooters il y a 2 ans

    Need some drone footage!

  • Mocking69
    Mocking69 il y a 4 ans


  • Yamaha SR650
    Yamaha SR650 il y a 3 ans

    Motorcycle Hillclimbing: The MAN'S Sport! Squids need not apply. Yamaha TT500's RULE!

  • Prepper123Coach
    Prepper123Coach il y a 7 ans

    One the gals I work with was on her way to the Big Nasty and she witnessed a car running a motorcyclist off the road and into a ditch. As the only witness to the accident, she stuck around to assist the victim and talk to the police. When all was said and done, the event was over. She watched the video and almost had an anxiety attack during the drive sequence!

  • Bite Me
    Bite Me il y a 2 ans

    you know... now ive seen these on tv and video before... BUT!!! now i do alot of fun crazy hobbies my self.. for instance.. one of them are.. i have been free hand cliff climbing ( when i can ) for almost 25 years.... and these guys are fukin nuts... awesome .. love it love it... be safe guys

  • Jimmy Chambers
    Jimmy Chambers il y a 2 ans


  • tosgem
    tosgem il y a 4 ans

    Is the music made by you? Pretty cool

  • Chris England
    Chris England il y a 3 ans

    Bloody brilliant.. balls of steel.

  • phdfxwg Fischercat
    phdfxwg Fischercat il y a 3 ans

    ill half to break out my q a 50 and show ya how its done !

  • Willy G P
    Willy G P il y a 2 ans

    that Mormon from Utah should have one he has several wife to take care of and they don't work

  • Hank Schrader
    Hank Schrader il y a 3 ans

    Wheres Dusty Beer

  • Sum18MyDog
    Sum18MyDog il y a 7 ans

    The driving isn't sped up- that's how fast I drive!

  • Troy14661
    Troy14661 il y a 6 ans

    The old Minnesota hill climbers from the 70's make these guys look like amateurs. Big bored out Harley's kicked ass.

  • The Everything tester
    The Everything tester il y a 3 ans

    Me and my uncle rode a dune buggy up the big nast

  • Hugh Jorgen
    Hugh Jorgen il y a 3 ans

    THE BIG NASTY ! !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!