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  • 17 sept. 2018

  • Anthony Mackie’s, Sebastian Stan’s and Winston Duke’s BEST MOMENTS. Every interview is from the Infinity War press tour of 2018. Chris Evans should watch out, A new trio is in town (WinStackie❤️)! Lol. Thank you all so much for watching. Please like, subscribe and share! #AnthonyMackie #WinstonDuke #SebastianStan #InfinityWar #friends #ships


  • Shorty for Mackie
    Shorty for Mackie il y a 1 an

    This video is almost 10 months old, 😪 yes they’re wearing the same clothes...because they were all filmed the same day

  • mackvnzie
    mackvnzie il y a 2 ans

    Whoever decided to put these three together needs a raise

  • Pointless directioner
    Pointless directioner il y a 10 mois

    The black people in Marvel have all decided to just adopt Sebastian Stan😂

  • Frannie Pereira
    Frannie Pereira il y a 4 mois

    marvel probably added Winston to try and calm Anthony and Seb down, but they ended up making one of the most chaotic trios ever 😂😂😂

  • Slowly_Dying_Inside
    Slowly_Dying_Inside il y a 2 ans

    Sebastian and Mackie are bad enough together. Adding Winston just makes them worse. I love them so much.

  • Prisc Moi
    Prisc Moi il y a 2 ans

    Anthony :

  • Lollipopcorn _400
    Lollipopcorn _400 il y a 2 ans

    Team thicc thighs

  • Fluorescent Bulldogs
    Fluorescent Bulldogs il y a 2 ans

    They are the most childish, immature, and funniest trio I've ever seen.

  • Fluorescent Bulldogs
    Fluorescent Bulldogs il y a 2 ans

    "Anthony Mackie is my favourite person. I go home and practise, widening my gap." LMFAOOO WINSTON HAS ME ROLLING

  • Ady Uzokwe
    Ady Uzokwe il y a 2 ans


  • Seabass Barnes
    Seabass Barnes il y a 2 ans


  • Allyson Park
    Allyson Park il y a 2 ans

    Dude, I want to be friends with this trio so bad!!!! Why are they so cute? And the best part was when Sebastian went "Benedryl Cumberbatch" then Anthony said "Broham Cumberbatch" and then Seb said "I like Bernard he's nice." dying

  • jagruti warik
    jagruti warik il y a 2 ans (modifié)

    I was looking at sebs face during the entire vedio

  • Charlie Bear
    Charlie Bear il y a 1 an

    I want a movie of these three.

  • Shorty for Mackie
    Shorty for Mackie il y a 2 ans (modifié)

    Benadryl Cumberbatch everybody lmao! Chris Evans better watch out, Winston may take his spot in this trio 👀

  • nessagirl1911
    nessagirl1911 il y a 2 ans

    How many interviews do they do in a day? In all the interviews for Infinity War they were the same clothes....

  • Zaynab Patel
    Zaynab Patel il y a 2 ans


  • Leila
    Leila il y a 2 ans

    I'll never get tired of Marvel's press tours. AND I MISS THIS LEGENDARY TRIO. T-T

  • Victoria Self
    Victoria Self il y a 1 an

    why does the picture at the end look like one of those family photos taken at walmart? lmao

  • MsLondonLover06
    MsLondonLover06 il y a 1 an

    Has anyone else noticed when the interviewer talks about Winston's thighs, Sebastian looks down at his own like " I need to stop skipping leg day"? LOL!