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  • 30 lip 2019

  • Cosha TG - Moving On (Lyrics) - Check out Cosha TG's new album 'Summer Nights'! - Official Music Video to 'Moving On': Follow Cosha TG: Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify | YouTube Channel |


  • Madii Boatright
    Madii Boatright 10 miesięcy temu

    dis make me think 💆🏼‍♀️😂.

  • Mekianna McPherson
    Mekianna McPherson 4 miesiące temu

    This song gives me soooooo many thoughts and emotions 🎯🤯

  • Britany Lancaster
    Britany Lancaster 3 miesiące temu

    I’ve been thinking about moving on.. I just don’t want to die alone..

  • name name
    name name 1 rok temu

    Wow yrrr ye bhi mera First comment song hai

  • irelia daddy
    irelia daddy 1 rok temu