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  • 2016年1月12日

  • Want to know natural ways on how to become healthy? Discover guided meditation for positive energy in Christie Marie Sheldon's FREE masterclass 👉 Every day, we have an abundance of things that we have to accomplish. From getting work, family, and finances into order, we invest all of our energy into these things in order to find a balance. But what happens when you don’t find that balance? You become frustrated and everything seems to suffer. But there is help. Today one of the world’s leading energy healers, Christie Marie Sheldon, talks about the benefits of abundance meditation on your health. Through Christie Marie Sheldon’s guided meditation, she helps you incorporate your very own abundance affirmations to get you to where you want to be in life . ********** In this video, Christie Marie Sheldon explains why practicing abundance meditation removes the abundance blocks that have been holding you back from improving your health. VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS 04:13 How could working on abundance blocks affects people physically 06:22 How to Create a Reality 08:04 Looking into patterns that create abundance blocks 10:19 Exercise that help you find and delete a pattern 14:29 Guided Meditation to find that root thing of a pattern 28:00 Patterns that people found that they were not expecting ********* Along with abundance meditation, reciting abundance affirmations can alter your money mindset to help you achieve financial independence. When you incorporate guided meditation for positive energy, you release past trauma and bad habits out of your life. Those who practice abundance meditation on a regular basis, report better health and an improved sense of quality of life. Want to become healthier with abundance meditation? No sweat. How about a balanced approach to your career, family, and finances? Check out how you can have it all in Christie’s FREE Masterclass 👉 ABOUT CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON Christie Marie Sheldon is an intuitive energy healer, author, and master facilitator for clearing blocks to financial abundance. With the guidance of one of the world's experts on healing frequencies for the body, she believes when you remove abundance blocks that have held you back throughout life. Your mind, body, and spirit experiences healing. #Subscribe #ChristieMarieSheldon #GuidedMeditationForPositiveEnergy


  • Mindvalley Talks
    Mindvalley Talks 1 年前 (已編輯)

    What is one thing you learned from this talk? Share your thoughts, we'd love to hear them 😃

  • Shena Lod
    Shena Lod 3 年前

    The nastiest and harshest comments I see here are from women who are also getting personal. There is an old saying that a woman's worst enemy is not a man, but another woman. The comments go from criticism to downright attacks on Christie personally. Why is there a need to do that, I wonder. Prove she is a liar in what she says and teaches and if you can do better, then do so and show us.

  • AnneCharlotte Jensen

    Meditation starts @min14.45 and it is amazing. I really recommend trying it out. Thank you so much for sharing😊🙋👍🏻

  • Nur Long
    Nur Long 4 年前

    I have a lot of money but somehow my bank account doesn't seem to know this

  • Julie Lea
    Julie Lea 3 年前

    My parents were wealthy & I was spoiled, but as an adult my Mom did NOT want me to have anything. (Narcissist) So much so she fought with my Dad when he wanted to co-sign my 1st car, etc she did NOT want me to be independent but under her control. I was successful but I got cancer at 36 etc etc successful again then auto accident, ultimately I ended up losing everything & being under her control. I realized at 50 that this was true even with a degree in psychology. So BEWARE of church going covert narcississts that say "you just have bad luck" etc. Sometimes it's true your own mother doesn't love you & want you to be independent, or fears you will be more than she is.....these things have an effect on your reality & can be VERY sneaky!!!! These people are SO hard to detect, I write this in hopes that no one else will find out so late in life....but it's never too late!! My health is bad but my mind is strong, I'm a Empath which makes it more difficult but is ultimately a gift to help others and I will reach that goal. Great light meditation I'll have to do it more than once. If you have a lot/hidden blockage u may have to do it more than once as well.

  • Sniper
    Sniper 2 年前 (已編輯)

    The Universe brought your video to me when I most needed it. Thank you

  • Seb C
    Seb C 4 年前

    Amazing person she deserves to be where she is today.

  • Fairy Rosebud
    Fairy Rosebud 4 年前

    I so appreciate being able to access this valuable tool for free - thank you thank you thank you!

  • The anxious Bitch

    I really don't know anything about all of this. But something strange is happening in my life. Whatever I wish for in deep I get it somehow with little efforts and sometimes they just come up in front of me or sometimes someone brings it to me . It's so amazing. I believe in karma and I haven't really done much good to anyone but always always wished good never in my heart I wish bad for anyone even when they are trying to hurt me or anything. May be karma can work with just good intentions. I am really loving my life right now.

  • *Yurika Lily*
    *Yurika Lily* 2 年前

    My flight from Paris to London was upgraded from economy to business after a week. I don't know how much it worth but this never happened before. Thank you so much :)

  • Amara Vincent
    Amara Vincent 1 年前

    Watched a few minutes of it and checked my bank account and saw I got a 200 euro credit from my landlord. Totally not expected!

  • Deana Burnham
    Deana Burnham 4 年前

    I love her laughter! She let's in so much joy! And shares it! Thank you!

  • Antje B.
    Antje B. 2 年前

    I'm not even halfway through the video yet but I already want to salute this lady. As someone who picks up on other people's energy so easily and effortlessly I can only half imagine how hard it must be for her to partly shield herself from all the energy in the room that she must be feeling! I see her close her eyes very often, which I assume helps her not get lost in everyone's energy. People often think I'm rude because I can't keep eye contact for very long when I'm in deep discussion with them, but it's actually so I can focus BETTER on them and what they're saying because I am immediately "scanning" them emotionally the moment I look at them (for the very first time). It is hard because it's like an emotional computer program is running automatically in my mind and it takes a lot of control to focus it in the right and helpful direction. I've also been told to become a therapist or such as I am very good with people, their problems, emotions and most importantly not judging them. But I could never do that, because fixing people is tiring. She is doing very well with her gift, and I strive to be like her in that regard: Helping people to fix themselves by inspiring them and showing them how to love themselves. And believe me, no one is perfect or a happy-ever-after robot. Like she said: Be grateful for your flaws/ problems as they show you where you actually want to go and then walk that new path with confidence and faith 💗

  • Miss Kassie
    Miss Kassie 4 年前

    So many negative comments...just appreciate her work and show your gratitude or simply don't watch!I know she is charging alot for some of her services but you must understand that energy is paid with energy and if she will not charge you will have a karma debt

  • Chichi Marie
    Chichi Marie 3 年前

    Did anyone else twitch during this?! I had 3 times when I twitched HARD in the areas that my body was holding that negative energy. Crazy and relieving. Love and light to all.

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    Christie Marie Sheldon

  • My In-House Farm
    My In-House Farm 5 個月前

    This is really amazing. I always told myself I don't want to be like my parents financially; but I've been manifesting them this whole time. OMG

  • Maria Hardman
    Maria Hardman 3 年前

    Hi Christie Thank you so much for this. I did the meditation a couple of days ago and yesterday won a competition winning £1000!!!! never won anything before like this so felt amazing. Thank you so so much. Maria xxxx

  • meow0meow7
    meow0meow7 3 年前

    I've been unemployed for a month and I literally got a call for a job interview a minute before the video ended.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 2 年前

    This was an intense meditation, I just connected with my mothers and fathers view on money and how I’ve repeated patterns that i never realized were connected . I’m so convinced of this I’m going to redo the meditation to make sure this shit is unblocked , this is scary spot on !