[EngSub] FULL Woolim Ent. VS WM Ent. Produce 48 Ep.1 Stáhnout

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  • 20 oct. 2019

  • Watch Produce 48 English Sub (Episode 1 - 12) https://www2.dramacool.movie/drama-de... WOOLIM ENT. AUDITION SONG : Lovelyz - Ah Cho https://youtu.be/v7qisJ_KuYI Infinite - Bad https://youtu.be/i1oTSAhdzNQ Tinashe - Superlove https://youtu.be/hv44srAsAo4 WM ENT. AUDITION SONG Becky G - Shower https://youtu.be/50-_oTkmF5I CHAE YEON DANCE SONG Jax Jones ft. Demi Lovato, Stefflon Don - Instruction https://youtu.be/MQXLpSl26q4


  • 나나bubucuk
    나나bubucuk il y a 4 mois (modifié)

    ‼️all the song titles are in the description‼️

  • Roichie Lee
    Roichie Lee il y a 8 mois

    “jyp let go of another talented trainee” oomff hahaha

    SAHYO _MIHYO il y a 9 mois (modifié)

    The girl who say that

  • seulrene
    seulrene il y a 6 mois

    Chaeyeon for me was the most talented trainee in produce 48

  • Nayeon Unnie
    Nayeon Unnie il y a 10 mois

    I never thought that she will be the last.. and I'm disappointed about that.. because she deserves more...💖

  • lisa.stan101
    lisa.stan101 il y a 10 mois

    Lee chaeyeon is an idol we never thought we needed ❤

  • Jimin Is My Daddy
    Jimin Is My Daddy il y a 8 mois


  • Dewi Soviana
    Dewi Soviana il y a 9 mois (modifié)

    Someone says ‘lets go back japan’😂

    KOOLIE il y a 8 mois (modifié)

    Chaeyeon and Eunbi deserved an A, i also thought Chaewon deserve an A tho

  • Lee Hui En
    Lee Hui En il y a 7 mois

    the fact that there's only 7 trainees in this video and 3 of them debuted

  • Mrinal Das
    Mrinal Das il y a 6 mois

    Fast forward 2 years later and Lee Chaeyon is one of the most popular member of Iz*one..

  • johnro siano
    johnro siano il y a 10 mois

    lee chaeyeon is a feather

  • Carat Pauline Kim
    Carat Pauline Kim il y a 8 mois

    Im waiting for a solo Lee Chaeyeon.. Your worth stanning princess😘😘😍

  • FaithLehane Vlogs
    FaithLehane Vlogs il y a 9 mois

    Aghhh, jyp supported chaeyeon for her another destination

  • Aisha ༄
    Aisha ༄ il y a 8 mois (modifié)

    she looks really similar to one of the itzy members. Her name is so similar to chaeyeon

  • Kuviya 95
    Kuviya 95 il y a 7 mois

    lee chaeyon's dance is another level

  • xoxo angie
    xoxo angie il y a 8 mois

    everyone is praising the others saying how can she do that they are amazing they sing well dance well and all but when it's their turn they're even better

  • Daniel
    Daniel il y a 1 mois

    이채연은 충분히 잘 하지만 조금만 더 다듬으면 메인보컬 감인데.... 진짜 못하는게 뭐지... 아니면 보컬로서 아직 주목 못받아서 메인보컬 감인걸 내가 인지 못하는건가.... 암튼 진짜 노래도 잘하고 춤 넘사에... 아이즈원에서도 사실 유리 채원이랑 같이 보컬해도 될 것 같은데

  • h2oLikeMisery
    h2oLikeMisery il y a 9 mois (modifié)

    I'm confident that the most talented members will still debut eventually even with this dumb scandal.

  • Azi
    Azi il y a 8 mois

    The fact that 3 of them ended up on the final lineup