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  • 28 avr. 2009

  • F4 after 5 Years later story part 2-2


  • Kay D
    Kay D il y a 7 ans

    Woo Bin is so cool, he's like the bodyguard of F4. Kim Bum is so romantic, I like his smile best. Ji Hoo is so warm, I can't not stand when I see him sad or smile as well. And the last, Goo Jun Pyo is too perfect, I like him the most xD

  • Michelle Truong
    Michelle Truong il y a 5 ans

    Anyone wanna start a petition? I really don't care that they'll be older or whatever, this is just too way to precious to ever forget!

  • Latha Rajanna
    Latha Rajanna il y a 1 an (modifié)

    My first k-drama .. Lee min ho is the most handsome n best actor ever.... Fighting... 😍😍😍

  • Rudtess Babante
    Rudtess Babante il y a 3 ans

    kim bum and kim so eun ❤❤❤❤

    MMARIAMM😊😊 il y a 6 ans

    My first korean drama ever❤️

  • Êrpfskìíê Éû
    Êrpfskìíê Éû il y a 4 ans

    Ji hoo's fans here! I'll be waiting for you in 2017!

  • Rosechel Vizcarra
    Rosechel Vizcarra il y a 4 ans

    Woo Bin always ridin' solo 😔

    ROSHNI TAMANG il y a 2 ans

    Waiting for BOF season 2!🤗🤗🤗

  • Yogesh Sharma
    Yogesh Sharma il y a 3 ans

    Ji hoo fans next session of boys over flowers I am waiting for next step .

  • DoNtToUcH MyFaCeU
    DoNtToUcH MyFaCeU il y a 3 ans

    Ji hoo looks better in 2009 than Now (2017)

  • Andee Nick
    Andee Nick il y a 4 ans

    And they live happily F4 after

  • Edits By Lisa
    Edits By Lisa il y a 2 ans

    Can someone send me the link of boys over flowers season2🙏🙏🙏

  • Êrpfskìíê Éû
    Êrpfskìíê Éû il y a 4 ans

    Ji hoo I love you :(

  • Jean Leahrell
    Jean Leahrell il y a 11 mois

    December 2019, 11 years ago but BOYS OVER FLOWERS STILL IN MY HEART😍💖

  • Vishakha Singh16
    Vishakha Singh16 il y a 2 ans

    Pls give jii Hoo his soulmate...

  • michael puente
    michael puente il y a 4 ans

    I will wait the next episode what ever if it thousand years.....I love this too Mutch

  • Olya Rajkumari
    Olya Rajkumari il y a 3 ans

    Boys over flowers season2 is coming back omg aah... 😘😘😘💖💖💖

  • Renuka K
    Renuka K il y a 3 ans

    i am a great fan of F4

  • 5136 Shakkanah Glory M
    5136 Shakkanah Glory M il y a 1 an

    2019?💖love u F4 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • holy Boly
    holy Boly il y a 2 ans

    i m just here to see ji-hu😍