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  • 28 lip 2019

  • FOOD that LOOKS like OTHER FOOD ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family :D Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to FOOD that LOOKS like OTHER FOOD ! SIMILAR VIDEOS ► CHALLENGES ► SOCIAL MEDIA •Instagram: •Twitter: •Facebook: •Twitch: OUTRO SONG:


  • Thelma The cat
    Thelma The cat 1 rok temu

    Hi I know that no one is going to read this comment but I hope that you have a wonderful day/night 😊😊😊🙂🙂😃😄😁😁😆

  • Waffu Waffle
    Waffu Waffle 2 tygodnie temu

    “Azzy”: nothing in this video is what it seems

  • gacha TT
    gacha TT 11 miesięcy temu

    Azzy:nothing is what it seams

  • Violet Bean
    Violet Bean 3 miesiące temu

    When u were watching the vid and ur dad says:

  • Miriam Mestre
    Miriam Mestre 10 miesięcy temu (edytowany)

    "Imagine how crazy you would look if you walked down the street eating a heel but no one knew it was a heel"

  • Amber DesHotel
    Amber DesHotel 1 rok temu

    Random person: what's ur fav dessert

  • Itzadaplayz
    Itzadaplayz 1 rok temu

    "She protecc

  • Purple_ Blossom
    Purple_ Blossom 1 rok temu

    Azzy: I don’t have ice cream

  • Paige Wynn
    Paige Wynn 5 miesięcy temu


  • Letoria Wilson
    Letoria Wilson 1 rok temu

    Azzy: THIS IS "NACHO FOOD!!!"

  • Vanessa Cortez
    Vanessa Cortez 1 rok temu

    I'm Glade I'm eating chocolate fudge, cause if I wasn't,...

  • My old second channel

    Me: see's this video

    LAURA JONES 1 rok temu

    Imagine being excited for you birthday cake and then getting a vegetable cake instead!😫😂

  • Evangeline Chung
    Evangeline Chung 1 rok temu

    Me:what's your favorite dessert? Azzy: oh you know a moldy orange me:waaaaaat the heck

  • romelo tanaleon
    romelo tanaleon 6 miesięcy temu


  • rffm18
    rffm18 1 rok temu

    wait... she didn't end the video with "I love you all so much...??" /:

  • sleepitea
    sleepitea 1 rok temu

    Pickle banana

  • Lydia Chapman
    Lydia Chapman 1 rok temu

    She protecc

  • Satin Black
    Satin Black 1 rok temu

    This has been in my recommendation for too long u win youtube

  • Zoe Reynolds
    Zoe Reynolds 1 miesiąc temu

    Azzy: now this one's the worst because this one is mashed potatoes and gravy