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  • 16 maj 2019


  • AA Slots
    AA Slots 1 rok temu

    I love those multipliers! I played this game before but couldn't get the bonus then the game was removed from the casinos. This was a huge win on $1.2 bet. Congrats and keep on winning my friend!

  • slotmachineluv
    slotmachineluv 1 rok temu

    I remember play this game . that a good onemy friend .I 👍up

  • gene sochia jr
    gene sochia jr 1 rok temu

    looks like you are having fun my friend, and I think made a little money

  • VegasWinner55 Slots
    VegasWinner55 Slots 1 rok temu

    Hi Anna, That was awesome. All those rhinos and multipliers. Congrats and look forward to more. Best of luck, VegasWinner55

  • Yeah Buddy Slots
    Yeah Buddy Slots 1 rok temu

    Wow!!! Was note expecting that much when it hits!! Awesome win!!! Yeah Buddy!

  • Kilauea Slot
    Kilauea Slot 1 rok temu

    Amazing win! Thunderhorn always seemed to me to pay better than original Buffalo. It certainly did there! Continued good luck to you.

  • Sylvia Trevino
    Sylvia Trevino 1 rok temu

    Great bonus on a$1.20!! Congrats!!🤗🤗

  • PandaJock Slots
    PandaJock Slots 1 rok temu

    Anna! What a fantastic run! Hope you’re having a great night! 🐼🐾👏

  • slotman777
    slotman777 1 rok temu

    First comment have a great day hope you had fun 👍🎰😎

  • 별반구름반tv-낚시튜닝-Crazy Fishing Love

    Thank you for uploading the video of today's game again. be thrilling🤗🤗

  • God of Jackpot
    God of Jackpot 1 rok temu

    Awesome win, 27x would have been better 👍👍

  • Windy City Frenzy
    Windy City Frenzy 1 rok temu

    Yes! That was one of the best 5 of a kind! Congratulations 🍾😎😎👍🏽💰💰💰

  • $**EDUCASINO**$ Slot Machine Channel

    Good job Anna , Congrats!!!!😃👍🍀🍀

  • SunFlower Slots
    SunFlower Slots 1 rok temu

    Awesome bonus win on Thunderhorn slot. Congratulations Anna Anna. Thumbs up 15 :-)

  • Super Free TV
    Super Free TV 1 rok temu

    Lovely 😊 Bonus 🎰 Anna Anna 👏👍😎👋

  • Headersbetter SLOTS
    Headersbetter SLOTS 1 rok temu

    Great video! Have a wonderful weekend

    JJJAMES 1 rok temu

    Nice win wow really paid off good luck, I hope you hit a huge jackpot😁😁😁

  • Stop motion lover
    Stop motion lover 1 rok temu

    Huge win dear friend😍😍😍


    Nice video...

  • Handpay Jackpots
    Handpay Jackpots 1 rok temu