How to Escape the Cycle of Stress, Anxiety and Misery? - Sadhguru Stáhnout

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  • 27 juin 2018

  • Sadhguru is asked why so many people today are trapped in a vicious cycle of frustration, misery and rage. He reminds us that the basis of our experience is within, so it is up to us to determine whether to choose misery or bliss. Though we each have an individual experience, he says, we must remember that life is happening as one big whole. This is something we need to instill in our children he says. Download Sadhguru App 📲 Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times. Subscribe to our channel here: Official Sadhguru Website Official Social Profiles of Sadhguru Free Online Guided Meditation by Sadhguru Free Onlilne 5 minute Upa Yoga Practices


  • Hello MyFoodies
    Hello MyFoodies il y a 1 an

    Our minds have been controlled our whole lives, it is time to wake up and realize you are the creator of your life. You are the universe. That is the ultimate truth. Have a great day ❤️

  • xoxo
    xoxo il y a 1 an

    "Your joy and miseries happens within you." I felt that.

  • Raj V
    Raj V il y a 2 ans

    Beautifully explained! He makes complex things simple enough for everyone to understand and follow 👍

  • skull BŔEAĶER
    skull BŔEAĶER il y a 1 an

    I having fear of somebody is controlling me🥺🥺but now iam ok

  • School For Society
    School For Society il y a 2 ans

    Cleverly bravely straightly facing it only a solution, i think.

  • Jess Yates
    Jess Yates il y a 2 ans

    Always a pleasure to hear the wisdom of this man. I just learned of him a few months ago and at just the right time as life unfolds with its ups and downs. Planning on going to Tenn. to check out the Isha center. Going towards the light is always the right path. Blessings everyone :-)

  • FadedDesigns
    FadedDesigns il y a 5 mois

    I think god gave me anxiety so i can learn about it more and be more consious about this world

  • The Sweaty Nerdie
    The Sweaty Nerdie il y a 3 semaines


  • Surbhi Narayan
    Surbhi Narayan il y a 3 mois

    Life happens in whole and we are the part of this world.its our choice to have an individual experience and live cheerfully 🤟

  • Filip Lupták
    Filip Lupták il y a 2 ans

    Please stop putting his qoutes torn out of context in video beginning.... just let him talk.

  • Aladdin
    Aladdin il y a 1 an

    this guy seems cool

  • RamblingRyan
    RamblingRyan il y a 1 an

    We all have an ideal idea of ourselves that if we do not meet it torments us...and it constantly torments us.

  • Enthusiastic Gamer
    Enthusiastic Gamer il y a 2 mois

    Am anxious single mother can get her kid feeling like life is something to be anxious about. It's a struggling cycle I've been going through.

  • Digital Dancer
    Digital Dancer il y a 1 an

    Amazing eyes!

  • Ardath Michael
    Ardath Michael il y a 2 ans

    So happy to truly KNOW that I AM part of the WHOLE EARTH, not needing to wait until I AM BURIED in Earth. So wanting the same for ALL

  • Daniel BIckerstaffe
    Daniel BIckerstaffe il y a 2 ans

    One powerful architect of natural beauty Shining light across the Globe xXx

  • muhlenstedt
    muhlenstedt il y a 2 ans


  • kaushik kini
    kaushik kini il y a 2 ans


  • ZIKLONYfifa 08
    ZIKLONYfifa 08 il y a 10 mois

    These guys mean well but they slyly send off the signals of of god or spiritual beings.....not good.

  • Dinesh kumar
    Dinesh kumar il y a 1 an

    किसी आती हुई आपदा की भावना या दुख के कारण के साक्षात्कार से जो एक प्रकार का मनोविकार होता है,वह भय है...।