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  • 2 nov. 2019

  • I secretly DATED THREE GUYS at once | share my story | short stories Hey, I’m Elise and I’m 16. So, I managed to get myself into a super awkward situation where I ended up with three boyfriends. I never set out to deceive or hurt anyone but it just kind of happened. Anyway, it all started with boyfriend number one; Patrick. I was at the mall on my vacation when I first met him. He was really cute and friendly and he offered to buy me a burger. We arranged to meet up for a date in a couple of weeks’ time when I got back from vacation. While I was away I messaged Patrick a bit but I didn’t think much of it. He was cute and all but I’d only met him once and we hadn’t even been on a proper date yet. One night the family in the house next to ours were having a crazy beach party, so I wondered down to see what was going on and that’s where I met boyfriend number two; Craig. He was 18, had floppy hair and nice eyes and he played the guitar. “Hey sweetie, do you want a drink?” he had smiled at me. “Y-yeah, sure,” I’d mumbled out. Thankfully, I managed to compose myself and we sat down on a blanket and talked pretty much all night. I spent most of my vacation with Craig and I didn’t want to leave his side. Unfortunately, the vacation came to an end and he went back home, which was a three-hour drive from me. I knew that I wouldn’t get to see him as much as I wanted but I liked him a lot, so when he asked me to be his girlfriend I said yes. Back home Patrick messaged me more about our date. I had been so caught up in Craig that I’d totally forgotten about him. I should have told him about Craig but I didn’t want to let him down and I thought that one date couldn’t hurt, right? I was supposed to go on the date, then afterwards say I’d had a great time but I just wanted to be friends. So, I went on the date but the problem was I had amazing time. So that date led to another and another and before I knew it he was asking me to be his girlfriend and I said yes! I didn’t tell anyone about Patrick or Craig as I didn’t want to end up confused on who I’d told what to. The fact Patrick and Craig didn’t live in the same town meant that I could easily get away with having them both as my boyfriends. Then came boyfriend number three; Marcus. I’d had a crush on him for like forever! He went to my school and even lived on my street but apart from saying ‘hi’ in passing I’d never had much to do with him. That all changed when we were teamed up on a science project and I got to spend a whole rainy afternoon with him in his bedroom. We got on so well and he asked me out on a date. I said yes without hesitation. My plan was to go on a couple of dates with Marcus and be sure that we were a good match before I finished things with Craig and Patrick. The date with Marcus was amazing. We planned another date and I was so excited that I kind of forgot about my other boyfriends, at least that was until they both messaged me. I was going to end things with them, I really was but when I spoke to Craig on the phone he was so sweet and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. As for Patrick, I was messaging him less-and-less so I thought he’d get bored of me anyway. He also didn’t go to my school so he wouldn’t know about me and Marcus. So, Marcus became my third boyfriend. We made such a cute couple and he was so much fun, but then I liked it when Patrick sent me one of his adorable messages that always cheered me up and I loved it when Craig played the guitar for me on video chat. There were traits I liked about all three of them and I didn’t want to let them go. Having three boyfriends was hard work, especially as I had to lie to them all that the reason I couldn’t post our relationship status on social media was because my parents didn’t want me having a boyfriend until I was 18. It was hard trying to find time for them all, I felt constantly exhausted and got confused with what I’d said and to who. I decided to end it with Patrick and keep Craig and Marcus. Bad, I know but Craig didn’t live near me so I convinced myself that I wasn’t actually cheating on Marcus, at least not properly. I ended it with Patrick, he was really upset and I felt terrible but I also felt relieved. That weekend I went with Marcus to his friend’s party and guess who was there? Yep, there was Patrick drinking out of a paper cup and staring straight at me. He walked over to us and I tried to keep calm but inside I was totally freaking out. “Hi Elise, nice to see you out after our breakup,’ he said. “Breakup, you guys went out?” Marcus looked confused. “Yeah, we broke up a few days ago.’ “A few days ago,’ Marcus looked furious. “Well, that’s odd as she’s been my girlfriend for over a month now.” I tried to apologize to Marcus but he didn’t want to hear it. He ended our relationship and I was left devastated. I told myself that at least I still had Craig, right? Two weeks later Craig ended things with me as he’d met a girl from his town...