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  • 10 janv. 2015


  • george ha
    george ha il y a 2 ans

    4 hours before my we go!!xD

  • Madhu Kashyap
    Madhu Kashyap il y a 4 ans

    can anyone link me to the video about paging..

  • Arah Flor Gallardo
    Arah Flor Gallardo il y a 4 ans

    I can't find paging among the OS videos :(

  • anil patel
    anil patel il y a 5 ans

    ur teaching style is very coooll

  • Dattu Sampath Kumar
    Dattu Sampath Kumar il y a 3 ans

    Sir I can't find paging concept... please provide link sir

  • Mishaal Ijaz
    Mishaal Ijaz il y a 3 ans

    Awesome explanation! I've always had some trouble understanding Computer Organization related courses, and you made it all so easy! Sadly, most teachers don't explain things so perfectly.

  • darshit vachhani
    darshit vachhani il y a 1 an

    exam at 10:00 am and starting the syllabus at 1:00 am with this lecture sugggested by my freinds

  • Himanshu Kandwal
    Himanshu Kandwal il y a 5 ans

    Very informative lecture :)

  • TheRightWay
    TheRightWay il y a 5 ans

    awesome tutorial,, thanks

  • lahi madhe
    lahi madhe il y a 4 ans

    thanks for the great video , what is "demand pagging "? thanks anyway

  • Saif Ali Khan
    Saif Ali Khan il y a 3 ans

    i liked without even watching the video!!

  • sasikumar maram
    sasikumar maram il y a 2 ans

    Can u upload a video explaining algorithms for addition. And substraction in computer organisation and design 'with example'

  • Krishna Gavas
    Krishna Gavas il y a 3 ans

    your explanation is awesome , now i got the clear concept behind this, thank you for making such awesome video lectures😊😊😊

  • Manisha Acharya
    Manisha Acharya il y a 3 ans

    You are amazing!!! The concept was so beautifully explained😍thank you so much

  • Christopher Angulo
    Christopher Angulo il y a 3 ans

    This is an awesome description! Great job! Keep making videos man!

  • ayzack
    ayzack il y a 3 ans

    I can't thank you enough man. You have helped me with my OS and Architecture class.

  • Shashanka Doddamani
    Shashanka Doddamani il y a 4 ans

    Good one but temporal locality i got confused...actually temporal locality is If at one point a particular memory location is referenced, then it is likely that the same location will be referenced again in the near future.

  • Yashwanth Madaka
    Yashwanth Madaka il y a 4 ans

    Your videos are very good.. thanks for the uploads.. :D

  • Gaurav Pahwa
    Gaurav Pahwa il y a 4 ans

    great explanation

  • bobeatschocolate
    bobeatschocolate il y a 4 ans

    Please re-do with a clearer Mic, hard to hear especially with an accent.