Is It Okay to Keep Gifts from an Ex? Stáhnout

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  • 26 mars 2015

  • What do you do when you have a piece of jewelry that you absolutely love, but it’s an old gift from an ex? Should you toss it, or is it okay to keep it? The hosts reveal their secret mement-nos, during this Girl Chat.


  • Dora
    Dora il y a 4 ans

    My ex gave me a dog as a birthday gift. I won't be giving my dog away. 😆

  • Mahad
    Mahad il y a 4 ans

    I dont care if your an Ex or not, If you give me something; IT'S MINE! Not going to give it back Lol.

  • TraitorByTrade
    TraitorByTrade il y a 5 ans

    I'm glad Tamar pointed out how hypocritical it is.

  • Michelle Hubes
    Michelle Hubes il y a 4 ans

    An old "gift" from an ex, I do not mind.

  • betty boop
    betty boop il y a 5 ans

    who ever is adrienne's stylist they do a really good job on her because she always looks nice !

  • Leah Hannah
    Leah Hannah il y a 5 ans

    I just remembered that I have a photo of an ex that I need to tear up to pieces...Thanks for giving me that push Tamar lol

  • Naim
    Naim il y a 4 ans

    "See that's very mature... I'm not that mature yet." 😂😂😂 aaaah Adrienne!!

  • Lashaun Gordon
    Lashaun Gordon il y a 5 ans

    In Loni's case, I think that's really sweet. She respects their friendship and is secure in her own relationship to entertain the idea of that photo being on display 3

  • firebaby7
    firebaby7 il y a 5 ans

    i think women are naturally more sentimental than men... so, to that end, i think a woman would keep old love letters for sentimental reasons, nice memories being nice, but for a man to keep something like that would seem, to me, more of a love lost situation, like he's still pining for that girl...

  • Aiibdel
    Aiibdel il y a 5 ans

    okay this time

  • DreaB.
    DreaB. il y a 5 ans

    Jeanie looks good

  • Brett Frederick
    Brett Frederick il y a 5 ans

    I thought Adrienne would bring up the time her ex kept the car she bought for him. Remember that?

  • Ijada.Courtney
    Ijada.Courtney il y a 5 ans

    I think the gift symbolizes the memories that you shared with someone and not necessarliy you still having feelings. I'm a syntamental person so I like to keep things and reflect on good times but I guess everyone sees things differently. 

  • Shae Davis
    Shae Davis il y a 3 ans

    Once the relationship is over, it's over! I don't want any memories of you. You will be dead to me!

  • Bernice Gonzalez
    Bernice Gonzalez il y a 4 ans

    binge watching...

  • Baephobic
    Baephobic il y a 5 ans

    Ohh Jeannie looking all types of HAWT in that red leather jacket and lace floral top! Mmhmm yas Mrs Mai werk!

  • DreaB.
    DreaB. il y a 5 ans

    I dont think theres anything wrong with it, except if it were letters but anything materialistic, i don't mind keeping & i dont mind my man/husband keeping. Especially if it was expensive. You have to be secure in your relationship like Loni said. Because at a point that ex meant a lot to you. Especially if ya'll ended on good terms, its ok!

  • guang
    guang il y a 5 ans

    Adrienne looking like a gorgeous, classy mom lol. Tamar also looks really good today

  • Ronny II
    Ronny II il y a 4 ans

    Genie Is Black under all that Asianess lol "A really really fly Mixtape" even Tamar was like Bishhh Wheeet! lol i love them.... -Yes i know i spelled her name wrong

  • Goyamang Mosaakane
    Goyamang Mosaakane il y a 4 ans

    I share the same sentiments with Tamar on a lot of things