James '2GD' Harding's jokes that were too rude for Gabe Stáhnout

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  • 29 lut 2016

  • New Gaming T-Shirts: https://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=U... James '2GD' Harding makes a few crass jokes as the host for the Dota 2 Shanghai Major. This is presumably some of the jokes that James was fired as the host for. Just the next day he is fired for his general poor hosting and rudeness from old mate GABE NEWELL. For the full story: http://www.tramah.com/gabe-fires-jame... Gabe makes a post on Reddit calling James an ass after he fired him. https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/commen... Then James makes a statement defending himself here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B... See more Twitch drama, news and goss at http://www.tramah.com/


  • TheMorbidAsshole
    TheMorbidAsshole 4 lata temu

    Valve picked the right guy for the wrong event

  • MN Toorani
    MN Toorani 4 lata temu

    He should have his own channel. 10/10 would watch 2GD - my kind of humor.

  • Excited for Diabotical
    Excited for Diabotical 8 miesięcy temu

    Looking forward to see James host tournaments in his own game Diabotical!

  • wooki321
    wooki321 4 lata temu

    How dare him save this crappily produced unwatchable borefest.

  • Steven
    Steven 2 lata temu

    "had disabled pornography" = Disabled the pornography vs. pornography of disabled people. This man is a genius.

  • Thai Zetian
    Thai Zetian 4 lata temu

    I enjoyed 2gd because everybody else is so stiff, half dead and totaly insecure. 2GD was a breath of fresh air, its just too bad what happened

  • Cancer Police
    Cancer Police 4 lata temu

    2GD forgot the Chinese don't have humor.

  • Tramah
    Tramah 4 lata temu

    RIP 2GD

  • Roman Pushkov
    Roman Pushkov 4 lata temu

    This is the kind of laidbackness that made Top Gear the most viewed show on the planet. "Professionalism" you say?

  • Marcus Mosimann
    Marcus Mosimann 4 lata temu

    That guy actually made it fun to watch

  • Anthony
    Anthony 4 lata temu

    "I'm not as hands on as Richard Lewis" LMFAOOOOOOO

  • AndreiChii
    AndreiChii 4 lata temu

    The reason everyone is so pissed, you filthy newcomers. Is because this man is a Veteran in Hosting Competitive gaming events, and he wanted to go back to the roots of Competitive gaming. The free and fun environment it has, that went way far from Sports.

  • Steve Bell
    Steve Bell 4 lata temu

    HAH this guy shouldnt have been fired.

  • Famburgler
    Famburgler 4 lata temu

    for those that don't know the only thing that really mattered was the joke about masturbation + chinese censorship. you don't make jokes like that in china

  • Henkjan Steringa
    Henkjan Steringa 4 lata temu

    He's so good at this actually. too bad i missed it all, i would have died laughing if i saw this live. The richard lewis joke :D.

  • TheEarthdeity
    TheEarthdeity 4 lata temu

    This guy's hilarious. Fired for not being a starched collar "esports is super important and srs guise" drone. Shame.

  • Luis Lee
    Luis Lee 4 lata temu

    Overall, i feel that 2GD did joke around too much which made him AND Valve look unprofessional for hiring an amateur/oblivious to professionalism host. However, 2GD actually i feel did a good job on hosting because i bet MAJORITY of us laughed at his jokes instead of feeling offended like Gaben. I feel that we need more of 2GD back in this Dota2 community. 2GD is a good host thats hard to come by.

  • muhd imran
    muhd imran 3 lata temu

    2GD is love 2GD is life

  • neubiiestefano
    neubiiestefano 3 lata temu (edytowany)

    Asus Rog 2012 Sc2 Tournament was one of the funniest Starcraft-events i have ever watched, hosted by none other than 2GD. This man is a Legend and should not be stopped by conservatives who like Hosts to be mediocre and scripted.

  • Ubercubertuber
    Ubercubertuber 4 lata temu

    RIP. You'll be remembered.