LG Q6 vs Honor 8 Lite Speed Test Comparison | Real Test!! Stáhnout

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  • 28 août 2017

  • lg q6 vs honor 6 lite speed test comparison...which is better SUBSCRIBE our channel for more great videos... Redmi note 4 vs honor 8 lite speed test - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV-RL...


  • punto com
    punto com il y a 2 mois (modifié)

    Tengo esos 2 equipos ¡Saludos desde mexico!!

  • alexander kao
    alexander kao il y a 2 ans

    LG always so laggy...

  • AzSam Pako
    AzSam Pako il y a 2 ans

    I bought the 8 lite without knowing lg q6 existed and when I saw its screen I thought I made a mistake. But then I looked up some performance benchmarks and saw that q6 has no fingerprint sensor and I was relieved I made the right choise.

  • dilan tharaka
    dilan tharaka il y a 2 ans

    honer 8 lite supr

  • ĐĦIΔ [ツ] JR
    ĐĦIΔ [ツ] JR il y a 2 ans

    no way dud honor 8 lite more faster !!!

  • All In One
    All In One il y a 2 ans

    Honir is love

  • Коля Horror Play
    Коля Horror Play il y a 2 mois

    И всё-таки Honor лучше как всегда

  • Ютуб Ютубович

    Я один болел за Хонор?

  • icaka skateboard
    icaka skateboard il y a 2 ans

    LG q6

  • Albert holmes
    Albert holmes il y a 3 ans

    Good test

  • RG Sakir
    RG Sakir il y a 2 ans

    Lg q 6

  • Hemandas Jeswani
    Hemandas Jeswani il y a 2 ans


  • Mahanov
    Mahanov il y a 2 ans