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  • 15 lip 2019

  • Part 3 of 3 Music: Mystic Musician: Jef Jeff Kaale's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdMK... Support this channel and future equipment upgrades for more Ad-free videos - https://9thisland.myshopify.com Thank you,


  • T2D
    T2D 1 rok temu

    I gotta say, it's really awesome to see how much you respond to the comments. Not only have you been out there in the desert for so long looking for Kenny (Which I commend you for), but also coming back from a trip like this and still managing to respond to basically every comment? It certainly shows that you meditate, with the mental clarity you have and your strong will to continue doing what you do.

  • Utilize Life
    Utilize Life 1 rok temu (edytowany)

    Kenny said the cave was at ground level, so maybe it was the one you found filled in. That may be why he missed it when he went back looking for it. Excellent find brother.

  • Stella Lush
    Stella Lush 1 rok temu

    The Hills Have Eyes... I swear it feels like that movie.

  • Paranoid
    Paranoid 10 miesięcy temu

    Missing 411, people are always going missing in the Rocky areas of mountains or in the rock formations. Becareful of those, don't know what lerks.

  • Kriswixx
    Kriswixx 1 rok temu

    ever thought of leaving some trail cams out there, and then go check them a week later? i wish we could get more support to ya. i know how it is creating exceptional time consuming content, and without flare, or self promotion just raw data. Fingers crossed , i feel you are closer than anyone finding Kenny.

  • Thestripper
    Thestripper 7 miesięcy temu


  • 0x07AF
    0x07AF 1 rok temu

    The main takeaway I get from this three part video series is that Kenny Veach was seriously hardcore!! When folks say that area is vast and remote, nobody else's videos come close to giving us this kind of perspective on the magnitude of effort, distance and isolation that goes into experiencing Kenny's old stomping ground. I really hope you and Jenkins share future adventures like this with us!! Fantastic job!

  • Angela Navarro
    Angela Navarro 1 rok temu

    I don’t know why but I feel like what u said about Kenny not being there or dead was exactly right. Weird but what was definitely unsettling was that darn sheep or whatever what are the odds it being there on your video and Kenny’s?

  • elvis martinez
    elvis martinez 1 rok temu

    Love that you’re still looking for him and trying to did out what really happened!!

  • Fred Rambo
    Fred Rambo 1 rok temu

    Has anybody considered he was caught in a boulder Landslide and might be buried underneath one

  • Mother Hen of Damnifiknow Farms


  • R Boyd
    R Boyd 1 rok temu (edytowany)

    Goonies "Never say die"...

  • Mark Laisure
    Mark Laisure 1 rok temu

    Kenny said he is going to find it this way, if I don’t find it I’m going to keep going that way! Dudes probably in Washington/Oregon chillin

  • Jon Ryan
    Jon Ryan 9 miesięcy temu (edytowany)

    I often hiked those same canyons metal detecting when I still lived their, never failed I always felt I was being watched always an uneasy feeling.

  • Claudia Mcbride
    Claudia Mcbride 1 rok temu

    So what did Kenny ever do with his house?

  • Piece Bearer
    Piece Bearer 3 tygodnie temu (edytowany)

    The reason Kenny probably got quiet around the rock that kind of looked like an M was bc he felt something or someone watching him through the keyhole

  • Jimmy Bob Bojangle
    Jimmy Bob Bojangle 11 miesięcy temu

    Some of these old caves have other entrances and depending on the air flow can howl or vibrate like a giant pipe organ. Wouldn't be surprised at all to see.

  • Isaac Miller
    Isaac Miller 1 rok temu

    Your intuition and situational awareness are superb,Very good to know you made it home safe, and your bravery is very inspiring. thank you for posting your videos.

  • Ryan Albright
    Ryan Albright 1 rok temu

    The Desert is beautiful. A drone would help you search along the ridges easier and look down on the surrounding land. Nice walking with you.

  • Kim Cozad
    Kim Cozad 1 rok temu

    Kenny could be under a rock slide