MASSIVE DINOSAUR SHOWDOWN! - Ark Survival Of The Fittest - Ark Hunger Games Stáhnout

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  • 23 lip 2016

  • I play some Ark Survival Of The Fittest. Basically Ark Hunger Games. Enjoy! Series playlist: FOR MORE ARK VIDS SUB TO: ► ◄ Follow me on TWITTER:!/Vikkstar123 My Facebook Page: My Instagram: Sidemen: Sidemen Clothing: Sidemen App iOS: Sidemen App Android: My capture card: Follow me on Twitch for Livestreams: Check out my other channels linked below: Minecraft: Lets Play:


  • Kaine Quinn
    Kaine Quinn 4 lata temu

    is anyone else enjoying vikks survival of the fittest more then his series?

  • MervGames
    MervGames 4 lata temu

    this is actually super entertaining can u do more pls

  • Cloakprime17
    Cloakprime17 2 lata temu

    Your T-Rex killed it you can see on the board

  • Umbraged
    Umbraged 4 lata temu

    I loved the vid but the face cam was so tiny!

  • Jonathan Wiik
    Jonathan Wiik 3 lata temu

    ) : i want to play ark survival of the fittest

  • Zobair
    Zobair 4 lata temu

    play this with the rest of the sidemen

  • cTrix TG
    cTrix TG 4 lata temu

    What a good video I sat here for the full time and watched it all epic video vikk

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor 3 lata temu

    Does anyone else get really annoyed when he misses things like the tamed brontos in the bush and the wooden base and the player 😩😲🤦‍♂️

  • Peter Nastasi
    Peter Nastasi 4 lata temu

    Yessssss who else is supper happy he uploaded this vid I love ark hunger games favourite series!!

  • Michael Sipper
    Michael Sipper 4 lata temu

    Pleeeaasee play...

  • Amyldor Derpling
    Amyldor Derpling 4 lata temu

    Am I the only one excited for something not called Pokemon Go?

  • Antoine Gaming
    Antoine Gaming 4 lata temu

    You should try to get Pete to play one of these with you.

  • venise banton
    venise banton 4 lata temu

    Plz make the sidemen play this with u!💯

  • Alan Ellis
    Alan Ellis 4 lata temu

    Vikk,"You can never have too many berries",5 minutes later"I have too many berries".

  • Nur Amgad
    Nur Amgad 4 lata temu

    That battle in the end was AMAZING! LOVED IT

  • owen_casee
    owen_casee 4 lata temu

    I just watched the hole 43 mins of this 😳 you should be proud vik.

    EPICMT 4 lata temu

    finally i love this series

  • Archie Hill
    Archie Hill 4 lata temu

    Can you play 7 days to die please

    SUpEr DUPSTEPz 4 lata temu

    I've been waiting for this episode for weeks! Thanks Vik! 👍

  • Shem Jiminez
    Shem Jiminez 4 lata temu

    Love the series vikk 🙌🏾