New 12 Creative Ideas DIY 2020 Invention useful item from wood & Bamboo Stáhnout

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  • 13 janv. 2020

  • Had you ever thought about creating craft out of wood & bamboo ? Well the artists we worked with to produce this amazing video sure did. It takes a tremendous amount of time and talent to give birth to such an amazing pieces and we know for a fact they are also luxurious ! However, the craft of transforming wood into masterpieces is not new within the artistic community. The ancient Chinise artists became experts in a very unique Technic, common known as Wood-carving! If you know to learn more about it, Check Out These Creative Artists That are provide the clips to our video feature - 山里的木匠 Craftsmen from the rural area of Zunyi, Guizhou, like to make small gifts for their sisters, record the little bit of the brothers and sisters of Guizhou Dashan, order and cooperation: sldmj66 - 阿杰 - 雕民寺长 - 泥巴哥(岩哥) - 竹乡阿林(童年玩具) For everyone who misses his childhood! - 一逍 A piece of bamboo forest, a hut, a place in the field of food, passing far away in urban and rural areas - 绝世兔仙 I am an ordinary person - 为梦而生——王一刀 Everyone's youth has dreams, even if it is difficult, they must live a poem. Not every effort is rewarding, face it calmly, come on - 一逍(归隐山林) - 「将乐」OK哥 Work hard for your dreams, change your life, be a versatile little prince, do your best to become a favorite person - 大山卢浩诚(青年守艺人) After 8 years in the arts, the young artists keep thanking everyone for their support and attention to records and grandma's rural life. Business and doing + V - 艺人 造竹屋🇨🇳 Hello everyone, my name is Xiaohong and my family has been engaged in the wood industry for three years. Welcome everyone to communicate and learn from each other and grow together! Promote traditional Chinese culture, start with me! Thank you for your double clicks and attention - 陈家帮(乡村守艺人) - 农村《手艺人》 All these Creator were mentioned are our partner. Some of them give us thier clips to promote thier product. All video clips feature was get full agreement permission to use combine on this videos. We will working hard to find more creation for you. If you have Awesome clips craft wanna in our video clips please sent your original clips to Email We will respect your creation and give you full credit and promote your business to grow up. Music From Youtube Library :


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