One Night Stand | Web Series EP 1 | Trabass Production Stáhnout

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  • 25 lis 2018

  • Anthony and Simone have been together for 6 years and married for 4. They’re marriage is pretty stagnant and not to eventful. They have no kids. Anthony is career focused while Simone is as well but wants to still enjoy her youthful 20’s. Simone is a harmless flirt and has stepped out in her marriage before but doesn’t deem that information to be known in her marriage. She feels as though it is not important if it is only a “One Night Stand”. You may ask, how can someone be so irresponsible in a marriage? But how can you truly be “responsible” in a partnership? Is there really an absolute way to how one is “suppose” to behave in marriage. It’s not normal if someone is TOO responsible. Nevertheless, responsibility becomes a must when her careless antics lead her to Rick, a “One Night Stand” romantic who she just cannot seem to shake Directed by: Andrew Trabass Follow Andrew Trabass On: Trabass Vlogs: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: Vine: Watch More Andrew Trabass: Most Popular Trabass TV: Comedy Sketches: Comedy Vlogs: Comedy Collabs: Pranks: Music: Movies: Trabass Vlogs: Listen To Trabass Music On: iTunes: Amazon MP3: Spotify: Beatport: Andrew Trabass Bio: Andrew Trabass, or known simply as "Trabass", is an international entertainer. Trabass started on his career at the young age of 14, while living in Jamaica making comedic short films. Armed with only a cellphone camera, and a vision brought on by boredom, Trabass shot his first short film that went viral through out the island. Trabass realized that entertainment through movies, music and art was a great way for him to express himself and decided that he was going to try and live his dreams of being a worldwide name in entertainment. Trabass moved to United States and created his internationally known brand, Trabass TV. Trabass TV focuses on Movies, Music, and different types of self expression thought up by Trabass.


  • TheDuttyBerryShow
    TheDuttyBerryShow 1 rok temu

    Trabass you continue to inspire. Every year you keep building on your craft and manage fi stay humble. Wish yuh more success

  • Jnel Comedy
    Jnel Comedy 1 rok temu

    Great series looking forward fi watch all to come big up u self trabass! *NelSquad

  • Fry Irish
    Fry Irish 1 rok temu

    Ma tek dah lesson yah enuh blood😁..

  • Mystic Muzik Vevo
    Mystic Muzik Vevo 1 rok temu

    Any man turn down sex to finish important work knows priorities

  • Travis Edwards
    Travis Edwards 11 miesięcy temu

    Can’t feel bad for men like this, any man with common sense knows the level of women he got on his hands. Your wife, fiancé, girlfriend, boo, or whatever don’t turn into a thot over night, clear signs be showing but less experienced men don’t see it.

  • Margarbie Adams
    Margarbie Adams 1 rok temu (edytowany)

    why act like this. your husband is working just give him 5 minutes girl. correct me if I'm wrong but he's working to provide for the home you need to be more understanding. a random stranger girl whyy. u don't know what he has smh

  • Daecion Taylor
    Daecion Taylor 1 rok temu

    Home girl didn't even wash the kittycat that's foul

  • jay rod
    jay rod 1 rok temu

    She gave up that number real quick... jeez!

  • Shay Tha real
    Shay Tha real 1 rok temu

    I love to see famous and Trabass working together again🔥🔥 best duo

  • Stacyann Hill
    Stacyann Hill 1 rok temu

    Watching and reading the comments

    GENAHSYDE 1 rok temu

    So how as a married woman she just give out har number suh ... har husband not even do nothing or maybe me a talk too soon me ago watch and see👀

  • richboyric
    richboyric 1 rok temu

    Boy Rick nah mek nothing pass 😂 😂 😂 😂 3AM man up like a predator

  • DonSnaps
    DonSnaps 1 rok temu

    Boy she coulda wash the ting befor she come lay down back sidea the man

  • T K
    T K 1 rok temu

    she gave her number very fast

  • javier cyrus
    javier cyrus 1 rok temu

    Who else didnt expect this?

  • Dimario mitchell
    Dimario mitchell 1 rok temu

    This is why i fear marriage

  • CJ Jordan
    CJ Jordan 11 miesięcy temu

    It’s just a movie people. Stop messing up the entertainment.

  • Dionna Hill
    Dionna Hill 1 rok temu

    She's annoying like girl let that man work.. Thats sexy seeing a man do his job

  • Lena Jonathas
    Lena Jonathas 5 miesięcy temu

    She was quick to snatch that grocery money. But won’t let the man work an extra 5 minutes⁉️😑

  • TheAviator
    TheAviator 1 rok temu

    Getting better and better after each little series. Keep doing your thing youth!! Once famous in a this you know say vibes reach through the roof