Paramotoring through the city Stáhnout

Odeslat svým přátelům
  • Oct 9, 2019

  • In this video, I take an impromptu river tour North and talk about the sites I see. Good fun. For Paramotor Training, Services, and Paraglider Repair: Consider donating to Resurgence PPG in order to get disabled veterans flying! Link below: Gear I Use: Helmet - Ear Cups - Ear Cup Gel Sealing Rings - Helmet Communications - Sena Earbud Adapter - Sena 2M Radio Adapter - Ground Camera - Helmet Camera - Gopro Mic Adapter - 360 Camera - Cell Phone Camera -


  • baby jay 3000
    baby jay 3000 5 months ago

    "For my next trick I'll paramotor into north korea"

  • Milo Rossi
    Milo Rossi 11 months ago

    Next episode " flying over Area 51"

  • Robert Russell
    Robert Russell 11 months ago

    That's dope that you can just fly around the city like that, wish you could in the US

  • Top Hat
    Top Hat 11 months ago

    As Tucker would say " Thats a classic Mark Huneycutt maneuver" with a bug in the eye trick !

  • Cereal
    Cereal 9 months ago


  • jaekyu yoo
    jaekyu yoo 9 months ago

    oh~ this is anseong city.The area where I live.

  • John Wojt's Videos
    John Wojt's Videos 11 months ago

    You should pack up some little bags of candy and drop it down for kids whenever you see them

  • Tim
    Tim 11 months ago

    "got full power". engine quits over the water

  • Max Michael
    Max Michael 1 month ago

    "Enemy UAV above!"

  • Bar Box
    Bar Box 3 months ago

    The freedom of this is so amazing

  • Gustav Scheel-Bech
    Gustav Scheel-Bech 11 months ago

    Hey Mark, been watching your stuff for a while now. I think you should reconsider your flying aproach.... I see way to many times you flying close to water (without a rescure), close to electrical towers (almost without a margain for error e.g. engine failure) and flying low in areas that are far from help if needed. Just think about it before you end up in a sticky situtation. Love your stuff, stay safe buddy!

  • Bruce Lunde
    Bruce Lunde 11 months ago

    Sweet flight, no real mission, just having fun! Keep them coming!

  • Tom Kubat
    Tom Kubat 11 months ago

    haha, Todd's face, hilarious.

  • Tom Kubat
    Tom Kubat 11 months ago

    Also, will someone please send Mark a wing! That Sirocco is tiiiiired.

  • aboomination
    aboomination 5 months ago


  • Tony Rame
    Tony Rame 4 months ago

    seems like this would be a good way to get around in Alaska, would definetley need a bigger wing to combat higher altitudes though.

  • Garras Porgratix
    Garras Porgratix 4 months ago

    Do you rent those or is it your gear? I would have loved to do that.

  • i g h t
    i g h t 11 months ago

    That looks like such a blast. I would love to try that!

  • Paul Cormier
    Paul Cormier 11 months ago

    Swoop down like eagle! Take that fish. Lol. Great video!

  • rolloverriderpgr
    rolloverriderpgr 11 months ago

    Check out WileyX Spports wear. Yes expensive but cool looking and bullet proof. It's what many wear in the ME. Now a cheaper but not bullet proof are from a chain eyeglass shop Eyeglass World. The Liberty has the same incertable seals for around the eyes to keep wind and bugs out!! About $100 for the pair I have, but more for my prescription, but I love them when riding the MC at 70!! And I wear them free flying! I do like to be able to see!