Pt. 1: Single Mom's House Fire Death Raises Suspicions - Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen Stáhnout

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  • 12 paź 2017

  • A tragic house fire takes the life of a young single mother, but further evidence suggests the fire was intentionally set. How did Sheila Deviney really die, and why? Crime Watch Daily's Michelle Sigona investigates. Check your local listings at Subscribe to our YouTube page: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website:


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  • Nina D
    Nina D 2 lata temu

    when they kissed that was so sweet thats love right there strong real love

  • Deborah Cassidy
    Deborah Cassidy 2 lata temu

    aww man those parents are so sweet.. poor woman..

  • Jennifer Dallas
    Jennifer Dallas 2 lata temu

    Her parents are marriage goals ❤

  • Denise Strickland
    Denise Strickland 1 rok temu

    Feel so bad for the parents...they are so sweet.

  • Sanga Waldron
    Sanga Waldron 2 lata temu

    I know this is a story about murder but a

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  • Lu FruBoo
    Lu FruBoo 1 dzień temu

    The parents are beyond amazing people! My gosh I’d give anything to have them as my family. Such sweet people.

  • Bill T
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    I thought when a woman says she has her special friend it means she has her period...😁

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    Michaela Bryant 1 rok temu

    Those parents are so beautiful ❤️

  • Maureen Njeri N.
    Maureen Njeri N. 2 lata temu

    Towards the end of part one, a small window appears that is a link to part 2

  • ShayShay
    ShayShay 2 lata temu

    Hello! Is part 2 still going to be uploaded?

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    Sweethearts.... God love them. 💔

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    Part 2 got deleted guys......

  • Kiawe V
    Kiawe V 2 lata temu

    Why is part two uploaded but unavailable for viewing?

  • Opal Goon
    Opal Goon 2 lata temu

    Sheila's mother and father are a solid, loving couple

  • ShatterStar
    ShatterStar 2 lata temu

    Hey Crime watch daily!! Make part 2 available! On my Apple TV it reads “the uploaded hasn’t made this video available yet”.

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    Ugh the love her parents have tho 😭

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    Made me cry 💔