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  • Dec 25, 2018

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  • potaterjim
    potaterjim 1 year ago

    "An actor ran up to me in the haunted mansion"

  • Fire Ball
    Fire Ball 1 year ago

    Maybe the real autism is the friends we made along the way.

  • Robert Flannigan
    Robert Flannigan 1 year ago

    The “we haven’t even opened yet, Jason!” Made me laugh too much

  • Sabrexi
    Sabrexi 1 year ago

    That edit with the guy in Russia was really good. They got the lighting to match up for both pictures. It’s kinda impressive.

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 1 year ago

    Another obviously fake text post?

  • Oliviine
    Oliviine 1 year ago

    You need to be a voice actor, someone needs to hire you for cartoons

  • Kizzy Kat!
    Kizzy Kat! 7 months ago

    "He told me that vaccines have AIDS IN IT!"

  • Ansel
    Ansel 5 months ago

    You can always tell when someone's stolen art by the title they give it. Most likely the original artist just titled it "painting" or "aasjdkfksjs.png'

  • Raven Haili
    Raven Haili 1 year ago (edited)


  • Zappa Woman
    Zappa Woman 1 year ago (edited)

    "LO" - stands for "little one". Yuck.

  • Johnny B. Goode
    Johnny B. Goode 1 year ago

    I think “Big AIDS” is my new favorite thing ever

  • Nick Frutos
    Nick Frutos 1 year ago


  • Gary The Snail
    Gary The Snail 1 year ago (edited)

    Karen’s unvaccinated kid:

  • I Like Turtles
    I Like Turtles 1 year ago

    “What have YOUR unvacced babies done that have surprised you?”

  • MouseTV
    MouseTV 11 months ago


  • emilie w
    emilie w 11 months ago

    “what have YOUR unvaxxed babies done that have surprised YOU?”

  • bipr r
    bipr r 1 year ago


  • toad toes for sale
    toad toes for sale 6 months ago

    Everytime i hear the "i asked the head chef, the line cooks, the dishwasher" i always picture a dude talking to the dishwashing machine.

  • YeetisMosqueetis
    YeetisMosqueetis 1 year ago


  • Greenish
    Greenish 1 year ago

    “Are you dying?”