SAB Heli Division Tips: Goblin 570 Stáhnout

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  • 24 mars 2014

  • Bert Kammerer gives a few tips on what to look for in your Goblin 570 helicopter.


  • Shane Nelson
    Shane Nelson il y a 11 mois

    Thank you for the big tips I needed to watch this so I couldn’t find out everything before I put mine together because the boom looked bent to me I almost ended up sending it back because of it being bent but I’m really glad I watched this video it really helped me out big time thumbs up for this video

  • ManMadeDesaster
    ManMadeDesaster il y a 5 ans


  • Brandon Still
    Brandon Still il y a 6 ans

    How often do you recommend lubing the main gear ?

  • MFizzle777
    MFizzle777 il y a 6 ans

    Mine should be with me tomorrow :-)

    WILDAN PRATAMA TEKNIK il y a 3 ans

    how much the heli price, and where I buy

  • DVM
    DVM il y a 6 ans

    Very nice! (:

  • rcflighttest
    rcflighttest il y a 6 ans

    Now for a flight video of 6 and 12s packs!!!!!!

  • Adriano Quirino
    Adriano Quirino il y a 6 ans

    can i use 6s   ???