Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 & Book Cover Keyboard Unboxing and First Impressions Stáhnout

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  • 8 wrz 2019

  • Today we are looking at the brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and it’s keyboard cover. I am really impressed with this device out of the box. Stay tuned for more content on the Tab S6 and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for watching! Product Links ⬇️ Galaxy Tab S6 (Samsung) ➡ Tab S6 Bookcover Keyboard (Samsung) ➡ Want to support the channel? Become a Channel Member: Subscribe to Shane Symonds YouTube Channel: PRIVACY POLICY and FULL DISCLOSURE: °Shane Symonds is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and Narritiv, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and °If you purchase something from my affiliate links I will get a small commission with no extra cost to you. This makes it possible for me to make more videos. Thank you! °I DO NOT collect, store, use, or share any data about you.


  • Shane Symonds
    Shane Symonds 1 rok temu

    What do you guys think of the Tab S6? Thanks for watching!

  • Emad Ahmed
    Emad Ahmed 1 rok temu

    I actually thought the pen was badly positioned compared to the iPad, but now seeing this video and with the keyboard cover, I'm convinced the Tab S6 does it better.

  • calahad
    calahad 1 rok temu

    A trackpad on a tablet keyboard? Cleverly hidden s-pen? Adjustable kickstand? I'm intrigued. Definitely more interesting than the latest iPad.

  • UltraEnderBlaze
    UltraEnderBlaze 9 miesięcy temu

    I cant imagine what the tab s7 has to offer...

  • Speed Tests
    Speed Tests 1 rok temu

    At first I was like “how do you get to the s-pen with the case on?” Thanks for showing that!

  • Mary 언니
    Mary 언니 3 tygodnie temu

    11 months ago I was dreaming about having this and ..... still dreaming until now 😂

  • Hamas Nidraf
    Hamas Nidraf 4 miesiące temu

    Tbh the stylus can be kept at the side try around the volume area you'll be able to keep the stylus very easily just like iPad pro

  • You Know Me
    You Know Me 5 miesięcy temu (edytowany)

    Watching on my legendary samsung galaxy tab S, the first generation of samsung tab s series. "I come here for my 4th grandchild."

  • A K
    A K 2 miesiące temu

    This is just perfect! It literally has everything I'm looking for. I'm definitely gonna buy this!

  • Letícia Guatimosim
    Letícia Guatimosim 5 miesięcy temu

    It's good to study? I used the ipad, because the others tablets of Samsung were not so good... But I need a new tab for school but iPad is so expensive, so I'm looking for others

  • Jhon Paul Natividad
    Jhon Paul Natividad 1 rok temu

    Great video about the Tab S6. I have made the decision to get the Tab S6 when it is available with my carrier to replace my annoying Surface Pro. That lags from doing simple searching and typing up work without freezing and crashing.

  • * Janet Pearls *
    * Janet Pearls * 9 miesięcy temu

    I was watching this on this tablet.

  • Ahmad Haddara
    Ahmad Haddara 2 miesiące temu

    I do not have the tab but I'm getting the Samsung galaxy tab s6 and I'm Soo excited to get it and I got even more excited after watching this vid😍🤣😝

  • Ben Chapple
    Ben Chapple 1 rok temu

    Great review! I was on the fence about the keyboard cover but now I think I'm sold.

  • Chuck Davis
    Chuck Davis 1 rok temu

    Pre ordered mine on Amazon Prime. Bought the 8gb ram 256gb storage and the keyboard cover. Paid $256 for the tablet and 160 for the keyboard. Using the S4 tablet now. Good review on the S6. 👏👍

  • aesthetic_ vlxgs
    aesthetic_ vlxgs 2 miesiące temu

    Hello! May I know if the S-pen would be a bump to the back?I've been considering to get this tablet for my artwork and schoolwork, usually, when I draw/Write, I prefer facing the back part down, I'm sort of worried that it would be on a curve? Thank you.

  • Tiger Claw Nation
    Tiger Claw Nation 6 miesięcy temu

    this is the one reason why I switch from the iPad Pro to Samsung Galaxy Tab s6.

  • Jamie O'Brien
    Jamie O'Brien 1 rok temu

    Hey Shane, nice video! Just wondering if you could do a hands on and review of the surface pro 6? I'm interested in purchasing it and would like to see a review.

  • Karim Sumar
    Karim Sumar 2 miesiące temu

    How does the back stick on the S6 Tablet? Is it just magnets which hold the back cover or is there adhesive. I was seeing a review by some guy who claims the back simply "peels" off so I am bit concerned.

  • jaredhtx
    jaredhtx 11 miesięcy temu

    My cover keeps falling off. It seems that there is a slight curve to the back that keeps it from forming a good seal. Very frustrating.