Supernatural - 1x3 "Dead in the Water" Reaction Stáhnout

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  • 17. 6. 2019

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  • James Rocks
    James Rocks před 1 rokem

    Pay attention to the names they use as aliases, they are usually members of rock bands or pop culture references. This episode it was Star Wars... Ford and Hamill for Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill

  • Chloe Ayres
    Chloe Ayres před 1 rokem

    don’t worry by the end of the season u will know and love sam a lot more

  • Zornitsa Dimitrova
    Zornitsa Dimitrova před 1 rokem

    "Zeppelin rules!" 😂

  • Karen C
    Karen C před 6 měsíci

    Love that you shouted “Fred!” when Amy Acker walked in :) High five to a fellow Angel fan!

  • Divhreaza
    Divhreaza před 1 rokem

    Yeah, this episode had some great character development as well as laying a little more foundation about the rules of the world they live in. Great reaction and I look forward to more. :)

  • Michele
    Michele před 1 rokem

    Youtube didn't tell me you had posted for some reason, so I'm glad I found this finally. Thanks for posting again. It's really enjoyable to watch you discover our little show. You'll learn more about both Sam and Dean. Lots to discover. I really like it when we get things like we did in this episode. A little glimpse of the character underneath the facade they show the world. I liked this episode, but I didn't care for the story much - I think because of the characters. The men in it didn't draw my interest much or make me care about what happened to them. But the little boy and the mom were the main part for me. Even with the cliche bit between her and Dean. Second time it Dean seemed surprised by a kiss from the woman at the end. That's interesting.

  • mitch paul
    mitch paul před 10 měsíci

    Amy Acker gets better looking with age, loved seeing her again after Angel. She was even better on person of interest. Love your reaction

  • bfnelson
    bfnelson před 10 měsíci

    Buffy and Angel, I feel right at home. My younger sister made me do it, reluctantly. I was wrong!!!! If you loved those shows the forget it, we’re gonna need a new word for how you feel about Supernatural. Great reaction to a mediocre episode in my opinion. But like you said earlier the relationship between Sam and Dean makes ok episodes more enjoyable.

  • Justin Cosing
    Justin Cosing před 1 rokem

    Love your reactions! You’re going to really love this show

  • Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney


  • Steven Alexander
    Steven Alexander před 1 rokem

    I knew you'd recognize Fred from Angel!

  • Luciano .Coppini
    Luciano .Coppini před 1 rokem

    Please continue watching, great reactions