The Fall of Calumet Farm and the Death of Alydar Stáhnout

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  • 25 gru 2016

  • The story of Calumet Farm's rise to prominence and its hasty fall in the 90s, accompanied by the death of its favorite sire: Alydar.


  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee 2 lata temu

    Putting him down wasn't the murder, breaking his leg so that he HAD to be put down was the murder.

  • alim3611
    alim3611 3 lata temu (edytowany)

    i blame the whole family for letting Lundy run Calumet Farm and their affairs ..there is a reason why the Martriach of that family distrusted Lundy and for 20 years gave him no access to the farm or its business ....

  • Boxerlady57
    Boxerlady57 3 lata temu

    Alydar was our filly's grandsire. He was GREAT! He also sired Easy Goer and Alysheba.

  • Terry Russel
    Terry Russel 3 lata temu (edytowany)

    Lundy was probably in a lot more trouble than is known even today.

  • Thomas Hardy
    Thomas Hardy 6 miesięcy temu

    It just kills me, the things people will do for money. That horse and that farm were golden until the disease of Lundy spread throughout it's beautiful barns. Sickening. Somebody should have offed /Him/ instead.

  • knk4ever83
    knk4ever83 3 lata temu

    God bless you, are beautiful

  • Valerie Adams
    Valerie Adams 3 lata temu

    I do not believe the wound the Horse was found with, happened accidentally. He blew that money out his ass, like a total Moron. There a Lot of Creeps in the World.

  • Ben TheKeeshond
    Ben TheKeeshond 3 lata temu

    Whirlaway is my favorite horse and he came from Calumet Farm. Even though Alydar finished second to Affirm in all three TC races, I was rooting for him. Sad, indeed.

  • hal warner
    hal warner 2 lata temu

    Killed a beautiful

  • Terry Russel
    Terry Russel 2 lata temu

    I am continually amazed at the number of completely unworthy reprobates who end up eating the golden goose life hands some of them on a jewel encrusted platter.

  • the.equine.simmer
    the.equine.simmer 3 lata temu

    What a persons disease of greed causing the ruination of a tradition. RIP ALYDAR the farm is amzing in real life even today i got to see it this summer i hope jt suffers for what he did

  • Valerie Adams
    Valerie Adams 3 lata temu

    Four Years? After all that?... Well it was worth it to him, I am sure, living like an idiot King for most of his Life... Sheesh. And by now he is probably Free... I wonder if he is living under a Bridge somewhere in Florida... What a Jerk and Stupid man, who put a beautiful Farm under. And affected many people's lives in a negative way. He had his own little Mafia going... And he didn't care about Anything but Himself. A real big britches with other people's money...

  • Vydio
    Vydio 2 lata temu

    This whole horrific story always reminds me of that old story about Winston Churchill. He asked some high society woman at a party if she'd sleep with him for a million dollars. She said she most likely would. He then asked well how about 20 bucks. She asked What kind of woman do you think I am? He said Madam, we have already answered that question. We are now just quibbling over the price. Would most people deliberately smash the leg of a defenseless animal for $30. Most wouldn't, I'd guess. But what about $30,000,000?

  • Valerie Adams
    Valerie Adams 3 lata temu

    What a stupid family to let this conniving fortune-hunting practically-illiterate man take over the prestigious Farm of Racehorses. Did the Matriarch never have a serious Talk with them?! She should have found a good man to Manage, if none of her offspring were interested... Looking at him, and hearing his early actions and plans, he looks like a Mafia guy, to tell you the truth...and evidently had no scruples whatsoever... Not a word is mentioned about his wife, after he married her. I hear there is quite a bit of dishonest things that happen around Horse Racing... How terrible... The Sport of Thugs (not Kings).... Horses are such Beautiful creatures, with such Heart and wanting to please... Sad pairing. WIth people who only really care about gobs of money, the horse almost a "machine" to them... And why would a Farm making so much money, need to borrow Millions??? Because an Idiot was at the Helm.... Ruining something Grand. And if something is doing well for decades, Why do you "change" it???

  • Drew A Rockwell
    Drew A Rockwell 3 lata temu

    what this guy did is what most people do with their money they are jsut smart about saving money at the same time and most peoplle that are rich are not evil like this guy

  • willyD200
    willyD200 3 lata temu

    What a persons disease of greed causing the ruination of a tradition.

  • Tim Victor Sepulveda
    Tim Victor Sepulveda 2 lata temu

    In 1851 my Ancestorial Great-Great Grandfather Jose Andres SEPULVEDA,purchased Horse named Black Swan an Australian Mare who had been racing in S.F.,Pio Pico ( last territorial governor)had an undefeated Horse named Sarco and was looking for Challengers to Race against his undefeated Horse.A Match Race was Signed by both parties for an Unbelievably Wager of 500 Cattle,500 goats,500 chickens,500 pigs and Over 25,000 Spanish Gold Coins,etc.The Race was witnessed by mostly all of Southern Calif and the 9 mile race was won by Don Jose's Black Swan.

  • JM Marshall
    JM Marshall 2 lata temu

    The book is called 'Wild Ride'.

  • Debbie Riley
    Debbie Riley 11 miesięcy temu

    It's awesome to have someone put a horse down so they can spend the insurance money that's terrible LA Dodger did not have to die because somebody was greedy that's why he died somebody was greedy it's awful

  • Jesse M
    Jesse M 1 rok temu

    Lundy you killed that beautiful horse for INSURANCE MONEY......your 1 Way ticket to HELL.