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  • 18 mai 2019

  • The FUNNIEST Elevator PRANK Ever ! Subscribe if you enjoyed the video :) Thanks to @BangEnergy for sponsoring this video! Get yours at and use code Smith25 for 25% off! #BangEnergy Follow the inventor on Instagram @BangEnergy.CEO #EnergyDrink #Ad Get some Merch Add me on Instagram and Twitter!


  • Just Avie
    Just Avie il y a 1 an (modifié)


  • pro1234 miyaplays
    pro1234 miyaplays il y a 2 jours


  • Deni Freer
    Deni Freer il y a 3 semaines

    This is how many times he said boy you better get that out of here

  • David Williams
    David Williams il y a 1 mois


  • Godlikepro
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  • Mitadilip Chaudhari
    Mitadilip Chaudhari il y a 1 an

    YouTube is insane it says I view and 135

  • Albert Drummond
    Albert Drummond il y a 1 semaine

    gay: lets play kick play

  • souleymane niang
    souleymane niang il y a 1 mois

    When he said.whats yourw favirote thing me:all of the above

  • Mohammad Emad
    Mohammad Emad il y a 1 jour

    We are the boys in elevator when the boys in elevator when we see scariet girl in elevator we boys hit her😂😂😂

  • Caramel Cream
    Caramel Cream il y a 2 jours (modifié)

    Just me, or did the letter say dear "escalator" instead of elevator?????

  • YEUNG WAI MEI 2B23-楊蕙鎂

    Following my boyfriend would do that if I was with my boyfriend no elevator and the lights were broken in Lake city would be there in my living room with family just kick it and take me out of the elevator

  • Cez Vega
    Cez Vega il y a 2 mois

    Bruh i laugh so much that i lost breath because of the 2nd part😂😂

  • paul lord
    paul lord il y a 1 mois

    Matt:this is like my worse nightmare

  • KZ Roblox 137
    KZ Roblox 137 il y a 1 jour

    My Favorite Thing In The Playground Is The Swing set

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  • Honey bear 207
    Honey bear 207 il y a 19 heures

    I peed when you said funniest animations because I paused it in the beggining,TRY IT

  • Jason single Decker Sindledecker

    It's okay mean I have a big head to but sometimes I can get out of problems just get a lucky charm I'm trying to find a four-leaf clover

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    Falling girl: AHHHHHHHH

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    Thanks for telling me about bang