Thrifting In Edward Scissorhands‘ Town Stáhnout

Odeslat svým přátelům
  • Feb 23, 2019

  • We take to the backroads of Florida to do some thrifting and stumble upon something amazing! •CINEMA SICKNESS RETRO STORE: •PATREON: •ONE TIME DONATION: •CS MERCH: •FACEBOOK: •TWITTER: •INSTAGRAM: •TUMBLR:


  • sophia watkins
    sophia watkins 6 months ago

    this honestly makes me miss 2019 due to the no outbreak of the virus

  • Deckard97
    Deckard97 6 months ago

    that Finn Action figure goes for 2 bucks at most every Thrift store i frequent.Its not even worth that ,lol

  • Sheirynette Vega
    Sheirynette Vega 7 months ago

    Don't feel bad for us living in lakeland..we don't even visit that goodwill lol

  • SupraWes
    SupraWes 8 months ago

    Same design and crazy high prices as the Goodwill in Ocala Florida

  • James Borlan
    James Borlan 9 months ago

    Bend it like Beckham is not what I consider a guilty pleasure because I actually genuinely think it’s a good movie

  • Braden Benedict
    Braden Benedict 10 months ago

    I bought S1 of True Blood $3.00

  • victor rubio
    victor rubio 1 year ago

    ay they were in plant city, fl :)

  • Raspgy
    Raspgy 1 year ago

    That goodwill charging full price for a new trilogy star wars toys while the big name stores are practically giving them away with the discounts they place on them.

  • ** Philologus **
    ** Philologus ** 1 year ago

    You really need some help with the videography. The camera movements are all over the place and jittery. It can make a person dizzy watching you. You never zoom in long enough on anything long enough to get a good view. I don't like to be critical because I like some of your home videos, but it is annoying.

  • TorontoJon
    TorontoJon 1 year ago (edited)


  • TheVHSAndCDBrony
    TheVHSAndCDBrony 1 year ago

    Wow. Florida's Goodwill's Have Some Insane Prices! $6 For That Big Box VHS?!!!! And All Those Other Overpriced Toys And Electronics?!

    FURM PRODUCTIONS 1 year ago

    Guilty pleasure of mine is the 90s rollerblading movie, Airborne. Grew up with that movie. Currently have it on VHS but definitely want to get it on DVD. Target, Wal-Mart and other places have it for around $15. But I'm hoping to some day find it out in the wild. Haha. Even though it kinda seems like it would be a pretty rare find.

  • Juli-Anna Dobson
    Juli-Anna Dobson 1 year ago

    My goodwill is overpriced too. 4 dollars for a dvd and 9 for series and blu rays. CDs are 1.99 but they have tag sales every week so I only shop the sale colors. 1 color is 50% and the other is 75% which makes them a little more manageable

  • Nick Gagnon
    Nick Gagnon 1 year ago

    6 bucks for a VHS?

  • Sherry Hannah
    Sherry Hannah 1 year ago

    hi Dave I have that Katy Perry movie on DVD also the Jonas Brothers concert movie and the High School Musical Concert DVD...ask Adrial if he has the Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus Best of both worlds concert movie reply to me

  • Sebastian Vasquez
    Sebastian Vasquez 1 year ago

    Tell adrial to get the app "libib" its free, comes with a barcode scanner to search and save movies, books, games, and cds. You can save up to 5000 titles

  • Mike Crawford
    Mike Crawford 1 year ago

    That die another day dvd would be a good buy if it was the 2 disc addition just for the bonus disc since those particular bonus features weren’t included in the bond 50 set

  • Alfredo Collum
    Alfredo Collum 1 year ago

    I like Keith Urban, way more talented then the Spice Girls!!! Just saying and That's a Fact of life😎😎😎

  • Marie Cordio
    Marie Cordio 1 year ago

    Bend it like Beckham, widescreen...brand new! 😂 now we find it, isnt that always the way. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Wesley Vancauwenbergh

    Oh Traded such a good movie you should have bought that one