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  • 3 févr. 2014

  • 'Love, Marriage, & Divorce' starring Toni Braxton & Babyface is available now: Music video by Toni Braxton, Babyface performing Roller Coaster. (C) 2014 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. #ToniBraxton #Babyface #RollerCoaster #Vevo


    SIAKOVEIONGO il y a 7 mois

    2020 lockdown brought me here. Not even in a relationship but this song has me feeling like I am, I need to get out lol

  • cloverleaf tv
    cloverleaf tv il y a 1 an

    Drop a like if you love baby face and toni braxton and still listening In may 2019

  • Emelda Mokhe
    Emelda Mokhe il y a 5 ans

    The whole album is a masterpiece...

  • Journi
    Journi il y a 3 ans

    when this album dropped my dad came and got me and said "I got some new music, come ride wit me" we drove for miles n miles for hours on end just listening to this CD talking about our lives and catching up 😩😢😍😍😍🙌 I absolutely love this CD! Thank you Dad For letting me listen to this with you

  • Antonio W
    Antonio W il y a 4 ans

    so glad this album won a Grammy ,I swear I never heard an album so smooth and cohesive to a theme as this one. you definitely feel and understand the story they conveyed in this album. I love it

  • Regina Connors
    Regina Connors il y a 4 ans

    make frustration sound so good

  • President Tumi-Anne
    President Tumi-Anne il y a 6 ans

    Seems like they're singing this song to each other lol. The chemistry between them is impeccable 

  • Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones il y a 4 ans

    why why why why can Toni not be with Babyface

  • Lavern Castillo
    Lavern Castillo il y a 5 ans

    Grown and sexy R n B... Love this album.

  • Patricia Lake
    Patricia Lake il y a 4 ans

    most relationships are like roller-coaster, you can take the risk and ride or get the hell off. that's what we have choices for.

  • Fred R. Moore
    Fred R. Moore il y a 6 ans

    This is some real grown up type work Toni and baby face put in. Man I'm so glad to be alive to enjoy it all . Two very sexy people .

  • katelyn glover
    katelyn glover il y a 6 ans

    Toni can have you feeling like you're in a relationship at the moment & you not even in one!! I know how it goes tho, you can tell someone that you're done putting up with them & be right back on the same ride with them. Sang Toni & baby face love it💔😌💕.

  • Motanyane Mathumetse
    Motanyane Mathumetse il y a 5 ans

    wow :

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee il y a 1 an

    Still loving this whole album in October 2019

  • Donald Mcwhorter
    Donald Mcwhorter il y a 6 ans

    pure magic. Best new CD of the year.

  • Monroé Indigo
    Monroé Indigo il y a 2 ans


  • Gino Vendetta
    Gino Vendetta il y a 6 ans

    This song gives me chills .....amazing how there voices and music hit homes with all.

  • leila5308
    leila5308 il y a 1 an

    Who is still listening in 2019!!

  • Mariah G
    Mariah G il y a 6 ans

    ❤️Toni Braxton & Babyface together! Read her memoir"Unbreak My Heart", good stuff.

  • 1LadyKitha
    1LadyKitha il y a 6 ans

    Toni Braxton + Babyface = DOPENESS!!!! Those voices together are just SEXY!