TRUCKERS SPEAK: Should RVs Park Overnight at Truck Stops? Stáhnout

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  • 29 sept. 2018

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  • Ana Paula Moraes
    Ana Paula Moraes il y a 2 ans

    I am a truck driver Robin and thanks for this video. We have a computer mounted in our truck that I call the "Gossiper". It will tell EVERYTHING we do to our boss and DOT. We have 14 to work daily using 11 to drive, fuel, fix truck, scale inspection and the other 3 to take rest breaks. We also can only work (using the 11 hours daily) 70 hous of a week. We get paid by the mile, so if we are not driving we are not making money. We don't have overtime, pay for load and unload etc. So as soon as we start the clock our 14 hous start. We have to do a 30 minimum pre trip. So I have 13.5 hours left but also takes from my 11 hours. We can not drive more then 8 hours without a 30 minutes break. So what I do. I drive 4 hours straight, then I take my 30 min break by law (I will use this time to shower and I will stay 45 minutes). I would use 15 min for fuel. So by now I used 5 hours total of 14 hours and 4h 45 of my 11 hours. Then I would drive 3 more hours and stop to use a restroom for 15 minutes. By now I would have used 8h 15m of my 14 and 7h 45m of my 11 hours. I would have 3h 15m to drive but here is where the stress begins because I would have to start look for parking. Sometimes we arrive on places in our rout and they are all full and that is when you see us parked in illigal and weird places, because we run out of hours. Many Walmarts don't accept us anymore, only for shopping. The states knows the regulations but don't have enough parking spaces on their rest areas. The cities don't want our trucks parked there either ( Hayward, CA said because we make their city ugly.😒). Truck stops has to buy land, so they won't increase size. I love my job, but it is very frustrating and we fell discriminated all the time.

  • W Carl Hepker
    W Carl Hepker il y a 1 an

    Shortly after Christmas, I was pulling my Travel Trailer down to Florida (for obvious reasons) and the day turned windy. I pulled into a Truck Stop to fuel up and to put on my friction sway bar. A truck driver thought I was having trouble with my pulling it out of its hold and came over to help and see if I needed any of his tools. No sooner had he come over and another driver observed and joined him. A third driver did the same. That friction sway bar did not have a chance of not cooperating with six experienced truck drivers determined to get the job done correctly! I asked them about RVs taking up space in a Truck Stop. They said, as long as I pulled in to be back as I did, and as long as I didn't block anybody in, and as long as I did not block access to the CAT scales, and as long as I was courteous and not disrespectful, and as long as I am not taking up the last truck sized parking space, I was more than welcome. It was an amazingly positive experience!! I know that there is supposed to be a bad apple in every barrel, but somehow there were no bad apples in that barrel!!

  • Florida Sailor
    Florida Sailor il y a 1 an

    Truckers are trying to do a job that we ALL rely on. COURTESTY goes a long way.

  • Mark Sill
    Mark Sill il y a 1 an

    Also, when RVers, who have diesel engines are fueling in the fuel lanes, please watch your children. I can't count how many times a child or a group of children have run across my fuel lane or other drivers fuel lanes just as we're about to pull out. We try to look before we move, but a small running child might not be seen. I've even had really short drivers walk in front of my rig as I pulled out. If it wasn't for my little mirror attached to my fender, I might have not seen them.

  • Brushbum
    Brushbum il y a 10 mois

    I'm a retired DRIVER, I hope people pay ATTENTION to what you've told the viewers.

  • Solani Someni
    Solani Someni il y a 2 ans

    I am forever grateful and in debt to the many truck drivers that helped keep me and my 2 young teenagers safe at night, when driving in our beat up Chevy van cross country to my parents in Oregon. After about 3/4th of the road trip cross country, money was getting very low and I could no longer afford to check into camp grounds. This was not a holiday trip but a necessary trip to get to my parents house and away from a not so good situation.

  • Creosote
    Creosote il y a 1 an

    I pulled 53-foot trailers for a little while and, noticing closed rest stops, signs prohibiting parking on ramps and shoulders, and docks not letting truckers sleep over (with driving time about run out—can you say “log book violation”?), finding places to park is getting harder...especially when bad weather hits. You’d be amazed at how fast that I-880 truck stop’s 600 spots fill up during winter storms! There’s always more trucks on the road (about a MILLION at a time) than there are legal places to park. RVers don’t have log books to worry about, so have a heart and don’t take up space badly needed by truckers because, when they have to pull in, they HAVE to pull in!

  • Marcia. Warner Campbell

    Maybe you could give the people at truck driving schools an overview of RVers and how truckers and RVers can coexist on the roads. I think that would be a great class.

  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen il y a 1 an

    Having a son who is an OTR driver, I understand fully the life of the truckers and appreciate their profession. Most are courteous, but alas, that is starting to disappear with the amount of new hires and lack of knowledge of the real professionals. When we full timed with our diesel pusher, we had a total length of 70 feet and ran a business on the road. When the drivers saw me back into a slot between 2 other semi's, they always asked me who I drove for and were surprised when they found out I didn't. Know the rules, know how to drive and how to act and truckers will be your friend!

  • Diana Kamala Mars
    Diana Kamala Mars il y a 1 an

    C O M M U N I C A T I O N !! What a beautiful thing!!! Thank you so much for asking the truckers & sharing with us. I never want to be anything but respectful to these people who work so hard & deliver to us our needs!!

    ELLIS MARINO il y a 1 an

    No they should not . We work hard and need to find a place to park and we have a clock they do not have a clock truck stops are for truckers

  • Tom Martin
    Tom Martin il y a 1 an

    I read every single comment on the truck forum and recommend everyone watching this do so as well. I’m impressed with how you compressed what was essentially a sh”t fight between the RV haters and rational truck drivers to provide concise tips for responsible RVers

  • Rick Durrett
    Rick Durrett il y a 1 an

    While I'm nor a professional trucker, (I'm a musician) but I learned to drive a large vehicle starting with a Greyhound 4104 and have driven may different types since then and have a million accident-free miles under my belt. I learned most of these things first hand, but that is an excellent video that all drivers should see/learn. They don't know the stress drivers are under when a 4 wheeler passes them and cuts in too close ( takes more than a few feet for them to stop, That's 16+tons of metal behind them), or what can happen if a truck tire has a blowout while they're riding carefree next to it. Pass it or follow it, but give them some room. At the end of the day, those truckers are worn out and need some rest. Very good advice, though. Thanks

  • san wages
    san wages il y a 1 an

    Great info.

  • Celestial Luna
    Celestial Luna il y a 2 ans (modifié)

    Thank you Robin. We truckers are usually put in a bad light....careless murders running down the highways. I am glad you brought to light that it is not just truckers who are getting a bad rap, but rv'ers as well. I have heard...(by other nomads), truckers are losing places to park because of piss jugs and trash, when I have set and watched rv'ers doing the same. If you are filthy and nasty, you are filthy and nasty, no matter where you are. Remember your sticks and bricks life...that nasty filthy neighbor. I watch other nomads on YouTube, and a few of them complained about trucks idling. Well, most of us do not have solar, on board generators, etc to stay comfortable while we rest. If we do not get our rest, we are not safe rolling down the highways. The only option we have is to idle. I cook in my truck, and you have to idle to use the inverter when you use a heating element. One huge misconception I have been seeing more frequently by the general public, on both truckers and rv'ers, we are out there to get in their way and to piss them off. And let's be real, it is because of the general public that we are losing our spots to park, they do not like our element in their neighborhood. This is more common in larger towns and cities (suburbia). We (trucks and rv's) trash up their town, is what has been explained to me by the locals. (We aren't sticks and bricks (comfort zone)). We, truckers and rv'ers, need to get along, we are all nomads. The only difference is, one is heavily regulated, the other one is not. Again, thank you for brining this to light! 10 10 on the side 😉

  • Stan Sigstad
    Stan Sigstad il y a 1 an (modifié)

    When you drive an rv through a truck stop GO SLOW! Truckers are tired either from driving all day or when they first wake up in the morning aren't paying attention to where they're walking. Do not follow the example of the idiot trucker blazing at 25 mph. You should be going no faster than 5 mph. Rule of thumb is never drive faster than someone can walk

  • BizWiz
    BizWiz il y a 9 mois

    I’m not a truck driver, I don’t roll in RVs, but I like her. She’s cool!

  • Annie Bell
    Annie Bell il y a 7 mois (modifié)

    I got to say your my favorite. I just made my husband watch this episode he’s an otr truck driver,,,we can honestly say we can’t wait to be a Jeff and the road is hard and boring and often lonely. I find your videos so helpful in our future plans just watched your upgrade to a 5th me rethinking...again lol. Been with you over a year and look forward to many more..thanks again.. and yes the truckers path app is our favorite ps...were flip flops in the showers...lock your doors..lizards can often let themselves in.. and other rift raft. Don’t let your guard down, ever.

  • David harrell
    David harrell il y a 1 an

    As a trucker, this advice is great! Thank you.❤️😃🙌

  • Joe - AJ0YZ
    Joe - AJ0YZ il y a 2 ans

    As a professional truck driver with over two-million safe miles AND a 40' class A motorhome owner (diesel pusher, of course), I'd have to say you did a pretty good job here, Becky. 😉