Tumse Milke - Murali Gopy ft. Bennet & the band - Music Mojo Season 2 - KappaTV Stáhnout

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  • 24 paź 2014

  • Lead Guitars & Music arrangements - Bennet Vocals - Murali Gopy, Delsy Keyboards - William Flute, Sax, Reocrder - Nikhil Ram Percussion - Thanuj Backing vocals - William, Sinov, Aruna Executive Producer - Sumesh lal Direction - Ajan RS Production - Sujith Unnithan DOP - Vipin Chandran Camera - Viju, Ranjith, Manu, Reji, Sarath, Vishnu, Mahesh SR, Aneesh CS Editor - Jobin Sebastian Sound - Melody Recording Engineer - Prasanth Valsaji Sound asst - Suhail Production Coordinator - Hari Krishnan Lights - Gowri Vision A Kappa TV production. All rights reserved - Mathrubhumi


  • Rajeev Antony
    Rajeev Antony 2 lata temu

    എന്നാ എല്ലാ ഹിന്ദിക്കാരും ഒരു മലയാളം പാട്ട് ശ്രുതി തെറ്റാതെ പാടൂ അതെല്ലെ ഹീറോയിസം..😂😂

  • Halima Mansouri
    Halima Mansouri 4 lata temu

    am i the only moroccan girl here ? i love my brothers and sisters from india 3

  • Marya Mehmood
    Marya Mehmood 4 lata temu

    lacks energy :( dissappointed

  • Satyajeet Meher
    Satyajeet Meher 4 lata temu

    background music is fab.. but the singing style felt like as sad song.. i think feeling is lost in singing.. otherwise verynice..

  • byju lawrence
    byju lawrence 3 lata temu

    congratulations Mr murali. This is a surprise to me. I didn't know you could sing so well.

  • mîïna AmoOn
    mîïna AmoOn 4 lata temu

    perfect song .. tumse milke aise laga.... teri kasam ..

  • Asiane Yang
    Asiane Yang 5 lat temu

    OMG....I love this... Bravo! bravo... love love it.

  • Roby Lazarus
    Roby Lazarus 4 lata temu

    Wow, the female singer is amazing. Overall a great performance.

  • Owais Ahmed
    Owais Ahmed 5 lat temu

    Male singer has done best level and bansuri amazing female singer very experience comparing to male singer. But male singer attempt very hard work b cause I think he may be beginner Allah bless u

    UMAR MIR 5 lat temu


  • Soumya sundar Sarkar
    Soumya sundar Sarkar 4 lata temu

    fabulous music, all you seemed so blissful, the style of the guitarist was awesome, muskutata hua, and i would like to say that the tonal quality of the lady was "just wow",, ek sisakne wale aawaz thi, very good and pleasing to hear. thank you all for your such a wonderful music. thanks once again. and want many more.

  • Soumya sundar Sarkar
    Soumya sundar Sarkar 4 lata temu

    the flute was very soothing to hear.

  • Raju Soni
    Raju Soni 4 lata temu

    The singer should smile a bit.

  • satyarth seth
    satyarth seth 1 rok temu

    Delsy voice is amazing like magical and murali also

  • Ranjith Kumar
    Ranjith Kumar 5 lat temu

    What a song really I impressed.


    A great play by all artists, gopi 's voice is very much balanced. Flute play is soothing. Guitar card as well as percussion support is wonderful. I watch the programme as and when I feel tired.

  • Ngatokoono Iorangi
    Ngatokoono Iorangi 3 lata temu

    I really enjoyed these two the words so clear when they sing nice onexo

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  • Maryam Dost
    Maryam Dost 4 lata temu

    its like someone forced him to sing. i was waiting all this time for him to look at her but nopp did not happen

    SARANG GOSAVI 4 lata temu

    am I the only one to hear the lady vocalist sing 'harmaan' instead of 'armaan' ????