U.S. Marshals on the hunt for fugitive murder suspect William Greer (Pt 3) - Crime Watch Daily Stáhnout

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  • 20 paź 2016

  • With bulletproof vests on and guns in hands, U.S. Marshals act on a tip they have on William Greer, raiding the house he is said to be living in. Full story: http://crimewatchdaily.com/2016/10/20...


  • Red &Only
    Red &Only 2 lata temu

    In late November 2017 Greer was arrested in Mexico. He was living with a woman and 2 kids.

  • Sir Lickle'lot
    Sir Lickle'lot 2 lata temu

    If you're scanning the comment section to see if they found him...they didn't. Your welcome

  • yummyjackalmeat
    yummyjackalmeat 4 lata temu

    ugh. what the hell kind of source was that?

  • danimalmx3
    danimalmx3 2 lata temu

    He was arrested in Mexico November 2017

  • roccocharger219
    roccocharger219 4 lata temu

    Much ado about nothing, compounded by the quack at the end. Nobody needs more accounts of this nature...not-so-bright law enforcement following an inaccurate lead to an anti-climactic end.

  • Susan Hughan
    Susan Hughan 2 lata temu

    My heart is for her kids ❤️🤗 My hope is finding peace for them 🙏

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 4 lata temu

    where are new predator episodes?

  • Jeffrey Harris
    Jeffrey Harris 4 lata temu

    Did that psychotherapist say "thothiopath?"

  • sha Richardson328
    sha Richardson328 2 lata temu

    I knew he wasn't gonna be found when they showed the dude face who said he know a guy name bill lol soon as they showed him I said uh they not goin to find William greer

  • Mr. Ouija
    Mr. Ouija 1 rok temu

    I think I’ve decided this reporter is my favorite of this show

  • Gabby E
    Gabby E 2 lata temu

    Why wouldn’t they go to his house if he was rambling about killing his gf? I mean talk about failure.

  • Mackenzie Dau
    Mackenzie Dau 2 lata temu

    I think they need to look where he was arrested without pants on!!! He confessed there!

  • Candis Amaral
    Candis Amaral 1 rok temu

    Those poor children 😞 heartbreaking 💔

  • ammyaammy
    ammyaammy 2 lata temu

    See, abusers don’t change. The end result for the victim is death period! Well, sadly seems like most women would choose abusers over their children. Leave, it doesn’t get better!

  • Corno di Bassetto
    Corno di Bassetto 2 lata temu


  • tumble0weed
    tumble0weed 2 lata temu

    no offence but everything that personality expert said was ' like duh... whaddyou think i'm stupid? don't know what sociopath means?

  • Agente de Bienes Raíces Inversión segura

    2019. Caught already?

  • don brassco
    don brassco 11 miesięcy temu

    He Will Not Ret Until He's Caught😈

  • Jamell Foster
    Jamell Foster 2 miesiące temu

    Is it me or does the "tipster" resemble William Greer??

  • The jupiter
    The jupiter 2 lata temu

    He was finally arrested in southern mexico in 2017. Google this for the facts.