We Gave High Schoolers Their Dream Prom Makeovers • Ladylike Stáhnout

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  • 25 juin 2017

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  • Joshua Ogunlolu
    Joshua Ogunlolu il y a 3 ans

    I love how everyone's telling the girls they looks like princesses, mermaids and goddesses and Jen just compares that one girl to a naruto character 😂😂😂

  • Alison Clark
    Alison Clark il y a 2 ans

    the girl with the pigtails looks so unhappy

  • Jamie Guilmette
    Jamie Guilmette il y a 2 ans

    I think it’s a really nice thing to do but I wish they could have picked their own dress. I don’t think they liked them. The dresses were straight out of 1980.

  • FreedomWriter3
    FreedomWriter3 il y a 2 ans

    I really love and appreciate what they tried to do, but it was so awkward. And the poor blonde girl.... her dress did not flatter her at all. She didn't seem excited either. I was sad for her.

  • Paytens Potted Plants
    Paytens Potted Plants il y a 2 ans

    The one girl was so shy & insecure I felt for her. Even Kristen said "the mirror doesn't lie" because she probably couldn't believe in her head she could look so pretty. She was quiet but you can tell that meant alot to her.

  • Jenny Beats
    Jenny Beats il y a 3 ans

    I feel like Ladylike were more excited than the girls LOL 😂

  • Fathical Butterfly
    Fathical Butterfly il y a 2 ans

    The blonde pigtails just ruined everything for that girl.

  • Zoe Mack
    Zoe Mack il y a 2 ans

    I think it would’ve been so much less awkward if the ladies did their hair and makeup themselves, and took them shopping to find actual good dresses.

  • Rain Bowman
    Rain Bowman il y a 2 ans


  • Jalyn Wallace
    Jalyn Wallace il y a 2 ans (modifié)

    I understand the idea of this but the girls seemed like they didn’t really like the dresses... No offense to anyone but those dresses look like something Grandma Sucky would wear 😂😂 But overall it was for a good cause

  • straight2space
    straight2space il y a 3 ans

    "Youre a princess."

  • Camilla Jefferson
    Camilla Jefferson il y a 2 ans

    These comments are so mean! I wonder if anyone has considered that the girls in the video might read them, and how reading them would make them feel. I genuinely think they look lovely, and I hope they had a wonderful prom. And for what it's worth, to the people commenting on the sleeves: a couple of the girls said in the video that they wanted high coverage dresses with long sleeves. I wish people would think before commenting sometimes...

  • Aliye Coker
    Aliye Coker il y a 2 ans

    The girl in the black is like "why did I choose this"

  • poot fart
    poot fart il y a 2 ans

    (after a HUGE makeover)

  • Bennie ben
    Bennie ben il y a 2 ans

    I feel like the girl in the Red lace dress with the neck scarf wasn’t awkward like the

  • Tia Hr
    Tia Hr il y a 3 ans

    I love this but the none of the dresses were properly fitted...

  • Maurisa Johnson
    Maurisa Johnson il y a 2 ans

    Mika: I'm a Professional dress stylist

  • Somehow Alive
    Somehow Alive il y a 9 mois

    Oh no...the pigtails, the dress- y’all did her dirty 😣

  • Hannah
    Hannah il y a 1 an

    There is a point when you complement so much, it stops sounding honest.......

  • LionLover
    LionLover il y a 2 ans

    Those dresses looked like a HUGE shopping fail from wish, love the concept; not the dresses